When we started this project back in 2009, Essential Style for Men was originally created to be an online men’s magazine representing our thoughts and ideas regarding men’s style.

Over time and research, we realized the traditional definition of “style” is fundamentally the wrapper surrounding the man and found the ultimate essential “style” is really defined by who a man is on the inside.

Does he have a strong moral code?  Does he give back?  Does he continuously grow as a human being?  Does he achieve his highest potential?  Is he not an asshole?

We believe the substance of a man must always come first and the physical style of a man will always come second.

Does the suit maketh the man?  

For us, a well-dressed dandy who’s a dick and has no job is essentially a jerk in a suit living at home.

On the other hand, a well-traveled entrepreneur in a t-shirt and jeans who gives most of his earnings to charity is someone we’d like to align ourselves with.

ESM Icons like James Bond aren’t revered simply because of the suits he wears; he’s a bad ass super spy first – the Tom Ford suits and Aston Martin are simply the accoutrements enhancing his mythology.

Our goal here at ESM is to help men become better people first, then help them define their style.

How? Through actions and humorous content which inspires, educates and gives back to the world.