ESM, The Initial Idea

Essential Style for Men – why we do it

The main reason I originally started ESM was because I wanted to open a boutique men’s clothing store.

Thinking ahead, I thought having an online blog about style would help the (still to be created) clothing store website get ranked on search engines.

When I put the website up, however, it soon became a blog that was kind of my ultimate wish list and repository for ideas about men’s style.

It was also an extension of my personality and what I truly thought about the men’s fashion industry – one which was too focused on fashion when it should really be focused on men’s style.

What’s the difference between “fashion” and “style” for men?

In my opinion, most guys don’t just think about what they wear.  They think about their entire style, from what car they drive, to who they are as a person, to how they project their image in their clothing.  Most guys see themselves as an entire personality; that is why movie characters such as James Bond, Danny Ocean and Thomas Crown appeal to them.

Men want to not only dress like these characters, they want to live every aspect of their lives.

I feel this is why the breadth of topics is so wide on Essential Style for Men – guys want to know about a multitude of services/products and find entertainment in a wide variety of things.  We love sitting and reading Architectural Digest, Robb Report, Travel and Leisure, GQ, Road & Track, Maxim and Esquire all in one go.

With ESM, I just wanted to make it easy for everyone and put the best bits from each of those publications into one easy-to-read and visually appealing website.

Hopefully you enjoy our website as much as we enjoy creating it.

Luigi Amante
Founder and Editor-in-Chief