The beautiful Arley Elizabeth. Image from

Essential Style for Men would like to introduce our latest article series, “Your Weekly Fix: Style advice from a beautiful woman“.

In this series, we feature a beautiful woman (obviously) and she gives us something to think about when it comes to what we wear or what we do.

Arley Elizabeth. Image from Russell Imagery.

For this week’s fix, we are featuring actress and model Arley Elizabeth.  She’s a Los Angeles based model who has done some automotive TV shows, print work and events. 

She gives the following advice:

What are things a man should never wear?
For starters, pants that are tighter than mine are a “no-go”, sandals with socks is just not a good look, fish net anything is unacceptable, and knee high socks are just awkward.

I don’t mean to step on anyone’s toes but it’s never ok to wear sunglasses indoors, especially in a nightclub, unless you’re legally blind.

Damn.  I guess we better get rid of those Versaces and fish net stockings we wore to the club last weekend.

For more information about Arley, you can check out her Facebook page or you can check out more of her work at Model Mayhem.

Not a bad way to start a Tuesday right?


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