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History of Rolex Watches Infographic

INFOGRAPHIC: History of Rolex Watches

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Love Rolexes? Ever wonder about the history of their brand but were too lazy to do the research?  Are you even too lazy to read long paragraphs?  Want their heritage represented in pictures beside a gold Rolex? Boom.  Here you go: […]


CARS: How To Pimp Your Ride Cartoon Style

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The limits of your imagination is the only restraint when it comes to accessorising your car; cartoon style. People around the world have taken their vehicles and accessorised them to look exactly like their cartoon counterparts, with outstanding results. Cars […]

Music: The Future of G.O.O.D. Music

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There is undeniably one man who has taken hip-hop by the throat and refuses to let go.  This man is Kanye West, and I for one, wouldn’t want it any other way. Kanye West deserves every accolade and insult thrown […]

MUSIC: New Clipse

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Yessur. The Clipse have had a tumultuous career.  They sold cake (the paddy type), clapped gats, sold records, dropped labels, sold more records, etc.  And now they are back where they need to be – under Pharell’s wings making hits.  […]

MUSIC: Remix Your Friday!

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Sorry to take you away from your shoe and car porn for a second, but it’s time for the weekend.  And if you’re like me the weekend means it is time to turn up the speakers to the freshest hip […]

MUSIC: New Consequence

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Do you remember Consequence?  That dude that used to mess with Tribe Called Quest (his cousin is Q-Tip after all) back in the day? A few years ago he hooked up with Kanye’s GOOD Music and put out a solid […]

MUSIC: Andre 3000

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Andre 3000 is clearly the best dressed dude in hip hop. Or at least, the craziest dressed dude in hip hop. But even while wearing a bleach white wig and pink polka dotted suspenders – nobody can bless a track […]

MUSIC: We Want Blueprint 3!

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If you’ve been keeping your ears to the street (and by street I mean blogosphere), then you are aware that we’re slowly getting to hear pieces of Jigga Man’s upcoming release, Blueprint 3. So far we’re seeing a lot of […]

MUSIC: Matisyahu is Back to Save Us All

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You remember that crazy hasidic jew that sang reggae tunes and confused the hell out of everybody who saw him perform live?  He had that one song King Without A Crown?  Well if you don’t remember simply google hasidic jew […]