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STYLE: Gucci Gucci Gumdrops

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I nearly smacked a customer the other day… While I was showing a woven leather bracelet to a client of mine, she looked at it curiously; she bent it, flexed it, and fit it onto her wrist. She shook her […]


STYLE: Kim Jones for Louis Vuitton

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You know, lately I’ve been wavering about this whole fashion scene. This ideal of perfection within a simple garment, transforming self and transforming the world; knowing the personalities behind the runway often with some sort of chip on their shoulder […]


STYLE: OMG… Shoes.

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I looked really good yesterday, honest. I made my strut down to an interested modeling agency in the simplest grey tank top and light jeans. But that wasn’t the best part (it rarely is). Most people wear the cherry on […]

STYLE: Flashy Bond

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General Knot & Co. from OUTFLUENCED on Vimeo. I’m dreading the new addition to the Bond-film family. Unless he man’s up a bit and does everything to the old-fashioned theme song, I’m afraid this new 007 adventure will be lost […]

Is there something every man can learn from the fashionably eccentric in the world?  ESM's Handsomely Heeled says "yes".  Image from iStockphoto/Thinkstock.

FEATURE: The Fashionably Eccentric and Lace

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Everywhere has their eccentrics; every small town or booming metropolis has a select one or two people that everyone knows as “that guy who (insert random and slightly out-of-the-box mannerism here)”. It’s one of the few things that distinguish style from […]

Please don't say we need to talk, please don't say we need to talk.... Image from iStockphoto/Thinkstock.


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We need to talk. Really, we do. This is serious; sit down (you probably are, actually… okay well stay down… good boy). I’ve been noticing something creeping its way back into our once peaceful lives; a menace that is insisting […]

This dude could totally use a Becca Talbott techonology/style upgrade STAT!  Image from Comstock/Thinkstock.

GEAR: The Awesome and The Ugly

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Technology is awesome. Yes, this I know. This is something that we all know.  It’s fast, it’s fun, it’s shiny, oh so expensive and yes, we all love it. But it’s ugly. Home technology is garish, and blatantly obnoxious. It […]


STYLE: Solving World Hunger

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I think I’ve solved world hunger. Sure…my high school graduation class voted the guy with the 120% average to do this – but I’ve beaten him (take that, Allen! Now…go cure Cancer). Now, I’m sure the board at the Nobel […]

Help!  The 1940's are coming back to get me!!!  Image from iStockphoto/Thinkstock.

STYLE: Deloreans and Pin Stripes

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Lately I have been pondering about society’s current fascination (actually more like a guilty pleasure) of diving back into the pool of the past and seeing how deep they can go without forgetting to come back up for air. Even I am convinced, on […]


STYLE: Top Gear and the Spring 2012 Collections for Men

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*Insert British accent here* Hello, Gentlemen. It’s that time of year again, where the snow is turning to rain and the flowers are starting to bloom.  We’re ending the latest Top Gear season and along with the new car smell there is […]