The Prodigal Guide.  The more refined and European relative to ESM.  Image from http://www.theprodigalguide.com/.

THE OTHER GUYS: The Prodigal Guide

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We’ve been following @TheProdigalFool and @ProdigalSix for quite some time on Twitter now, but it just came to our attention these guys have both a magazine/blog called http://www.theprodigalguide.com/ and a YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/TheProdigalGuide?feature=watch. Duh. We just happened to stumble on […]

Boston.  Image from iStockphoto/Thinkstock.

FEATURE: The day after Boston

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It’s kind of hard to write about cars, style or any other topic we typically write about today,  especially in the wake of the tragedy that happened in Boston yesterday. Honestly, it’s pretty hard to write about anything when you […]


STYLE: The Quality Mending Co.

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Believe it or not, we get a lot of requests to feature new stores, products and services here on ESM. Some are pretty cool and some… not so much. Last week, a representative from the folks over at The Quality […]


GEAR: Caja del Campeon

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There are two things guys are notorious for: 1) having gear lying around all over the place and 2) a penchant for cigars. For those of you who are OCD about having an organized stable but want something more unique […]

Thug Kitchen all up your grill, yo.  Image from http://thugkitchen.com/.

THE OTHER GUYS: ThugKitchen.com

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Are you one of those foodies or culinary experts that feels Chef Gordon Ramsey is just a little too soft? Are you the kind of person that watches The Food Network and reads food blog and wishes there was just […]


GEAR: Roland Sands Design Helmets

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The other day we were checking out the killer jackets on the Roland Sands Design site and we thought to ourselves, “it would be awesome if Roland Sands started selling helmets.” Sick idea right? Then we went down a few […]


FEATURE: Ice Cream Lab, Beverly Hills

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There’s nothing better than seeing a couple young entrepreneurs trying to make good. Actually… Young enterpreneurs who open a killer ice cream shop in the middle of Beverly Hills who also happen to be our friends is much, much better. Introducing the […]

Yep, this is exactly how it looks before going to bed every night.  In your dreams.  Image from Goodshoot/Jupiterimages/Thinkstock.

FEATURE: Bring sexy back to bed

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Gentlemen, if we were to take a random poll as to what you found sexy for a woman to wear to bed, we are pretty sure we’d get some very decisive answers. Lingerie.  Lace bra and panties.  A nightie.  Anything […]


GEAR: VSTR Nomadic Backpack

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VSTR – Nomadic Pack from Monster Children TV on Vimeo. One of the tenets of Essential Style for Men? Having fun. And we’re not exclusive to having fun simply by going out, dressing well and hanging out with your friends. […]


ICON: Exteta

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Let’s talk about your backyard for a minute. Have you ever wished the same amount of time and effort you put into the interior of your house was also placed into the exterior area of your home? Are you a […]


FEATURE: Ride Like a Badass

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Last week, we hit up our friends over at Icon Motorsports to see if they had anything new they wanted to feature on ESM. I think we may have been inspired by the folks over at Silodrome who have been […]


GEAR: BeoPlay A9

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Of all the publications we subscribe to, nothing is more satisfying than receiving a new issue of the Robb Report. It’s probably because of the aspirational aspect of things – not like we can really afford half of what’s published – […]