"Is this heaven?" Yes it is.  It's loafer heaven.  Image from Brand X Pictures/Thinkstock.

FEATURE: Welcome to Loafer Heaven

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If you’re a regular subscriber to GQ like us, you’ve read one of their most recent articles extolling the virtues of owning loafers. Loafers with jeans, loafers with suits, loafers with shorts… hell you can wear loafers with no pants […]

This could be the next big television network.  Image from Esquire.com.

FEATURE: The Esquire Network

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Hey dude, think you can keep a secret? Yeah? There is one little secret we’ve had for ESM:  It’s the dream to eventually make it a TV show.  One that features the best in a man’s lifestyle but one that […]


DREAM GARAGE: Kuratas from Suidobashi Heavy Industry

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We are officially living in the future. A future where comic books are multi-million dollar movies, a future where everything is running on computers and a future where regular human beings can actually operate a “mech”. For all those of […]

Learns how to dress like Archer on ESM.  Image from http://www.fxnetworks.com/archer/downloads.

FEATURE: Dress like Stirling Archer

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Last weekend we had a two-day Archer TV show marathon on Netflix. Two entire days of unadulterated, narcassistic, hilarious and well-dressed imaginary secret spy adventures in the comforts of our own home. So awesome. Over those two days, we also […]


GEAR: Sparrows Uncuff Link

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It’s Valentines Day. You’ve done all your prep work by ordering flowers a week in advance.  You’ve had dinner reservations since December.  You just washed your car. What other type of preparation needs to be done? For all those guys […]



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Admittedly, being on the West Coast has its disadvantages, especially when it comes to labels coming from across the pond. New York always gets the brands first and it takes a little bit before a label establishes themselves in Los […]

Um, that's a good Valentine's gift too.  Image from Stockbyte/George Doyle/Thinkstock.

FEATURE: Say “I love you.” To yourself.

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Let’s face it kids, dudes get the raw end of the deal when it comes to Valentine’s Day every year. We have to make the reservations.  We have to order the flowers.  We have to find the perfect gift. Or […]

Don't screw Valentine's Day up this year.  With our help.  Image from Thinkstock/iStockphoto.

FEATURE: Valentines Day, version 2.0.13

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It’s February.  The Superbowl just finished.  You have successfully paid back everything you put on your credit card for Christmas. Life is good. But before you decide to kick back and have a brew, we’ve got something for you to […]

Exotics Racing.  Where you can drive your dream car really, really fast.  Image from http://exoticsracing.com.

FEATURE: Exotics Racing

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So last year, not only did I miss SEMA (one of the greatest aftermarket shows in existence), I also missed out on getting to experience Exotics Racing first hand. What is Exotics Racing, you ask? Normally, when you use the word “Exotic” […]


FURNITURE: The Zeta Fireplace by EcoSmart Fire

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Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful… Oh snap, wait, you don’t have a fire in your house. Is it because they didn’t happen to have a fireplace built in your home?  Was it because […]


FEATURE: James Lamdin from Analog/Shift

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To a true timepiece collector, no collection is complete without the addition of a vintage timepiece. Much like vintage automobiles, a vintage timepiece not only is a part of a watch company’s heritage, but it also has a story to […]

Image from https://www.uber.com.


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This could be one of the greatest inventions ever. EVER. Introducing Uber, a car service for people who want to roll in style and convenience. Been drinking a little too much at the club and don’t want to risk a […]