Apr 10

ADVICE: Men’s Grooming Part 2, Eyebrows

Ouch. Pluck that eyebrow. Image courtesy of Hemera/Thinkstock.

There she is, looking at the windows to your soul, but she really can’t see your soul because you’ve got an unkempt shrubbery that may be an eyebrow, but due to it’s density there’s really no way of knowing.

One of the many benefits of being a model is the exposure to all things aesthetic.  When you show up at a shoot, you get your hair and makeup done.  If you need a little fine tuning, the makeup artist will help you out.

I have some pretty thick eyebrows.  I have sisters, so the monobrow was never an issue in my house.  You pluck those suckers and give yourself a little separation.  Now the other stuff?  That’s a little bit more challenging.

On one of the shoots that I did, the makeup artist wanted to do a little shaping of my eyebrows.  Whoa.  No.  Well, that was my first reaction.  She worked in a salon that specialized in eyebrows and convinced me she would clean them up a little bit at a time and I could stop her whenever I wanted.  OK, then.

First, she put a little gel on my eyebrows an combed them up.  Any of the brows that were much longer than the rest, she cut.  Then she combed them down.  Any hairs at the top of the eyebrow that didn’t intersect another hair, she plucked.  On a sidenote: she used Tweezerman facial hair scissors and tweezers for the job, and they make great products.

That is just the beginning, but it can make a big difference in the appearance if all of this is new to you.  Next came a little shaping.  WARNING: Take it easy.  Don’t make it too extreme the first time you get after it.  Or the second time.  You can tighten them up a little bit more every time you pluck IF you leave something to pluck!  I had a couple of blocks at the corners where my eyebrows should have curved.  She knocked them down by just plucking a few of the higher hairs, and cleaning up what was left.  My advice to make sure you never look too pretty, or douchey, is to refrain from plucking the bottom of your eyebrows.  If you have a few loners that are completely separate from the rest, pluck those few, otherwise, leave the bottom of the eyebrows alone.


Pluck in moderation.  If you are still unsure, or if you want more help, go to a salon.  They know what to do, and ask them to do just a little bit at a time.  You can also try threading, which is basically plucking using a string.  Go once, and then you can do the maintenance on your own.  The eyebrows frame the eyes, so put a little time into it, playboy.  Then go practice your best eyebrow moves.

Mar 10

ADVICE: Men’s Grooming Part 1, Body Hair

The Wolverine of body hair grooming. Image courtesy of Hemera/Thinkstock.

Back in the day when I started modeling, I was doing a photo shoot where a bunch of us model guys were in a shot where we were all wearing shorts.  

This was before digital cameras were used for professional photography (yeah, I’m a dino), so to make sure that everything was just right, they would take a polaroid picture.  I looked at the polaroid, and it looked pretty good. Except for the fact that one of the model’s was wearing black leggings under his shorts!  

Waaaaaait a minute!  That’s me!  

And it wasn’t a pair of leggings, it was actually just my leg hair.  I looked around, and all of the other guys had very little or no hair on their legs.  I had to tighten up my game!

I know, I KNOW, we’re guys!  We’re supposed to have leg hair, scars, drink whiskey, and watch sports.  

Lucky for all of you, I was the guinea pig and went through a bunch of different methods of torture (hair removal) and can tell you the good and bad.

At first I thought to myself, ‘Self? Girls are always getting waxed, so why not try it?’  

Well, it wasn’t too painful, if you consider that you are ripping out all of your leg hair.  Didn’t we all do this with duct tape when we were kids?  We just didn’t keep doing it over and over and over!  And there’s the fact that you are in your undies pulled up to your junk while a gal is rubbing hot wax on your upper thigh.  That’s not a drunken Tijuana fantasy, at least not one that I would want to remember.  

Anyway, the results were smooth.  It’s funny what your leg looks like underneath all of that hair.  It lasted for almost 3 weeks, then started to grow back.  When the hair did grow back, I got a few ingrowns, and those were not awesome.  The miracle potion for that is called Tendskin, and I would highly suggest it for any guy that wants to rid himself of ingrowns.  I waxed a few more times, and I don’t know that my hair grew back more thinly, but I got over it.  It was spendy, and the results didn’t last very long.

Next, I tried shaving my legs.  What am I, a girl?  I kinda felt like one when I shaved.  Again, the results were smooth and there was no pain.  There were still some ingrowns, and at this point, I was well aware of the Tendskin repertoire.

At this point, I have to be honest.  I liked the feeling of no hair on my legs.  It felt cool (as in temperature), and it felt a little bit cool physically.  I could feel my leg.  But alas, I didn’t like having NO hair on my legs.

I never did electrolysis, but I have a friend who did it on his gorilla back, and after 4 treatments, the hair stays away for  6 months and when it grows back it is much thinner.  It’s a bit spendy, but if you have a lot of hair, you may want to give it a try.

My last effort entailed buying hair clippers.   I like to have some hair on my legs, just not the Black Forest.  It is easy, you can adjust the length of hair, and it doesn’t hurt.  I would suggest buying clippers from a brand that professional hair stylists might use, like Wahl.  Keep them clean, and keep it clean.

That pretty much sums it up.  What?  What about the what?  Ahhh, yes… the goods.  How do we clean up the undercarriage?  All of the methods mentioned above will work down below.  You can also try depilatory creams.  Nad’s makes one that you don’t have to touch, which is nice because they can stink.  And don’t leave them on too long, or grab for them with soap in your eyes thinking that you are grabbing the shampoo.  

Tune in next time when we will discuss eyebrows!

Mar 10

TRAVEL: Mandarin Oriental New York

This little spiel was originally going to be about the spa in the Mandarin Oriental in New York, then I thought, what the hell? Why not chat about the entire hotel? Great hotels can have not such great spas, but this killer spa is attached to an amazing hotel.

Lobby Lounge, if nothing else, go for drinks at Sunset.

Situated on the southwest corner of Central Park, taking the 35th to the 54th floors of the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle, there is a retreat of peace, perfected. I initially sent a girlfriend to the spa there, and the response was enough to make me wonder what I had done so well.

My next trip, I went and experienced it for myself. To begin with, the view is spectacular. I went in the late fall as a beautiful day was being encroached upon by an impressive storm front. I watched the black clouds consume building after building while I sat in the quiet room sipping green tea. The entire 14.000+ square feet was flawlessly detailed. The treatments and total experience were unforgettable.

City of 8 million plus? Nope, swimming pool with a view, for 1.

Now let’s not forget that there is a hotel. The suites are appointed with some Asian accents, and I’m not talking about the Chinese food delivery guy. Luxury abounds with great linens and beds that make you wish you lived there. The bathrooms are like personal spas. Floor to ceiling glass makes the exhibitionist in all of us want to show New York what we’re made of! Or at least really soak in the great views.

Add to all of that Asiate, their award winning restaurant, and the fact that it sits atop some great shopping and dining in the Time Warner Center, and you’d be hard pressed to want to book a room anywhere else.

So next time you find yourself  riding the 1 or ABC train and you hear “Columbus Circle, next stop”, get ready to run through that turnstile and check out the Mandarin Hotel.

For more information or to make reservations, you can visit the official Mandarin Oriental website.

Mar 10

TIMEPIECES: U-Boat Classico AB 4

A U-Boat timepiece is hard not to notice.  

With most of their cases measuring either 45 or 53 mm, they are more than big.  They are massive.  

You can’t have a girly wrist if you want to pull one of these bad boys off.  Nor can you be afraid to make a statement.  A statement like ‘another round of shots!’

The beauty of U-Boat is their ability to stand out while still being subtle.  Creator Italo Fontana’s grandfather was commissioned by the Italian Navy to make a watch for their pilots in 1942. We’re glad Italo continued what his grandfather started.

The Classico line is all very straight forward.  Not too shiny, or blinged out.  Not too loaded down with dials that can tell you the temperature in Zurich.  Just some notches and a few numbers, add some dials and a screw down crown cap to make it look like it means business, and you’re good.

For more information about the U-Boat line of timepieces, you can visit them on their official website.

Mar 10

FEATURE: Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin

Aah, music.  How great is it that we can take around our entire music library in our pocket?  Who doesn’t own at least one iPod so you can tune out all of the distractions and submerse yourself in Beyonce?  That sounds a bit naughty… but you know what I mean.

B&W Zeppelin, covers Led Zeppelin to Ludacris

Since I am moving house, or rather, apartment, I needed some great sounding speakers that can produce some serious decibels and still look like they fit into a sleek, zen environment.  I’ve seen the B&W Zeppelin before, but honestly didn’t think the price could justify the purchase.  Then I LISTENED to the Zeppelin.  Now I understand.  The sound penetrated the room with authentic bass, crisp highs, and clear mid-range.  Most small speakers can deliver decent sound quality from the tweeters, but if the bass doesn’t give you the feeling that you are sitting in a massage chair, then what’s the point?

Beyond the purpose of reproducing great audio, the Zeppelin looks great.  The bold styling has made it the audio system of choice in more than a few resorts and hotels that I’ve stayed in, and I’m not talking the Motel 6.  Aesthetics, sound quality, originality, Bowers & Wilkins, bravo.

Mar 10

DREAM GARAGE: BlakRoc Camaro

Kick Asphalt

Cross marketing has become the new darling of the advertising ball. But the teaming of seemingly complementary goods or services has mixed results.

It looks like rock group The Black Keys, a few sick rappers, and Chevy have come up with a trifecta where everyone wins. Avid reader, you may recall an article about BlakRoc, the collaboration between The Black Keys, and a select few rappers including Ludacris, Jim Jones, Mos Def. This audio onslaught needed wheels to get where they were going, and Carl Black Automotive Group stepped up and brought the pain with a 2010 Camaro, loaded with badness.  

If you want more info, or want to pick one up, go to http://blakroccamaro.com/

Mar 10

WHEELS: Giovanna Dalar 5 Matte Black

There she is.

We at ESM can not stress enough how much wheels are going to separate your car from the pack. This also applies to trucks. I’ve been a fan of Giovanna since the first time I saw a Cadillac Escalade on 23 inch Giovanna Attack rims. They were big, bold, and cooooool.
These days the manufacturers have caught on and chrome dubs are a factory option. This means we need to push a little bit further, and do a bit more research to find that special wheel that says: I was born to roll.
May I suggest the Dalar by Giovanna. There are a few variations on the theme, but I love the ’5′ in matte black. It is a simple 5 spoke with a chrome accent on the edge. OUCH. And it is one pretty piece of metal.

New school. Pay attention class, this will be on a test later.

Now that is old school! Proper!

Mar 10


Ohhhhh, SNAP! Where'd you get those shoes?

Sneakers, kicks, shoes, call them what you will, but separate yourself from the pack, man. I love mine. I don’t have Air Force 1′s. I don’t throw away my classic white K-Swiss because they’ve got a mark on them. But I do take my shoes seriously. I shop around and try to find something that I’ve never seen before. I have a pair of green K-Swiss imports that make me proud. I have some everyday Y-3′s that look like they were intended for the World Cup when I am kickin’ it.

If you need a little help getting your sneaker game up, you can start at UNDFTD. They have a few locations in L.A., one in Vegas, and a couple more in Japan. And if you can’t make it in person, you can shop online at http://cart.undftd.com/.
They have lime green shoes, denim, patent leather, ultrasuede, high tops, low tops, Reeboks, orange, retro, futuristic, and they will most certainly have something that moves you.
“got blue and black cuz I like to chill, and yellow and green when it’s time to get ill” – Run-DMC, My Adidas

Mar 10

STYLE: Loudmouth Golf

John Daly in Loudmouth's Pazeltine pants

Psst.  You.  Yeah, you.  The one wearing the khakis that look like cardboard.  I’ve got a story to tell you.  A while back when I was in a Niketown store I came across some of their golf attire.  I saw a short sleeved shirt in a killer color and a great fabric.  I bought it.  I wore it.  The reviews were rave.

Golfers need clothes that breathe.  They need clothes that are not restricting.  And when golfers hit the club to hook it up with random girls at a bar and lose millions of dollars in endorsements, they need it to look good.

The beauty of golf attire is that it can also be worn to golf in!  I love the old school pictures of dapper looking chaps hitting the links.  It looks like a gentlemen’s game.  It looks cool.  That used to be the style on the course.

Loudmouth golf brings their own brand of crazy style to golf attire.  The choices can go from classic to extreme, and with names like Shagadelic or Evel Jeans you can be pretty sure to get noticed.  Your next trip to Pebble Beach, or just to the local bar, throw on your ‘Disco Balls’ Loudmouth pants and get your game on.


Mar 10

FEATURE: On All Fours

Exotics. I loooove them. That grumbling of the exhaust when they are started up, and the ensuing growl when the accelerator is pressed.

What can I say? I'm an ass man. Lamborghini Estoque

I stayed in a hotel in Sardinia that had a fleet of Maserati Quattroportes. They would come and go in pairs, and that little convoy would invoke imaginings of international espionage, or a fine art museum heist. In reality they were most likely just taking guests and their families to and from the airport. Which brings me to the utility of the 4-door exotic.

My driver giving the babysitter a ride home. Great ad, Aston Martin.

As sexy as a coupe is, it is somewhat limited in its’ scope. I need space to pack away my bulletproof vests and sniper rifles, much less my Adidas shell toes. The 4 door exotic is fast, extreme, and still refined. She’s not a 21 year old supermodel, she’s the mid to late 30′s, well toned woman that knows what she wants. She wants to ride. They may be referred to as a 4 door saloon, and they separate themselves from the Bentleys and Jaguars with their breeding. They are born of supercar performance, and adapted for comfort, as opposed to the other way around.

While some of these offerings are available, the others are only concepts. We can only hope that Lamborghini proceeds with plans, and Ferrari comes up with one of their own.

Vrrrooooooommmmm… Porsche Panamera

Maserati Quattroporte. Say that 5 times, fast.


Mar 10

ADVICE: How to stop smoking in style.

Smoking is bad for your health.  I’m not trying to make a judgment call, it’s just a fact.  We want you to go out after making love to your supermodel wife on the hood of your Porsche Cayman with Cristal everywhere.  We don’t want you to go out with something as pedestrian as lung cancer.

I know that it’s not easy, it’s an addiction.  The gum tastes funny, and those patches are not a good look when you are on the beach in Monte Carlo.  Alas, there is a stylish way to help you kick the habit.  Blu is a new brand of electronic cigarettes.  There is no tar, no tobacco, no ash, and no smell.  When you inhale, the blue light at the tip illuminates, and then you exhale vapor.  They still supply nicotine in varying levels if you want it, or you can go nicotine free if you are ready.  You can smoke them anywhere.  They look like a cigarette, taste like a cigarette, and feel pretty identical to a cigarette, but they’re not.  Take them on the plane, smoke them in a restaurant, shucks, I don’t even smoke and I may buy some.

If you want to know more, check out their website: http://www.blucigs.com/

Mar 10

DREAM GARAGE: Mercedes Benz Sprinter

Nice van. Not words that you usually hear paired in a sentence. It’s like ‘genius supermodel’, or ‘honest politician’, it just doesn’t work.

The basic Sprinter, for the 'low key' celebrity types.

Mercedes Benz is known as a purveyor of delicious automobile candy here in the states. But beyond our borders, they are known also for making super-compact cars, trucks (as in semis), and even tractors. One of their more utilitarian pursuits is the Sprinter. It is basically a box on wheels, ready to join a cargo fleet in Europe, or serve as a production vehicle in Australia. It’s a blank canvas that, with a little imagination, can become something pretty cool.

From Becker, just like mom's minivan.

The strip club comes with us!

The strip club comes WITH us

I’ve seen them hauling celebrities out to the clubs, or used as an alternative to flying, albeit for shorter trips. There are plenty of customization options, and plenty of customization houses to consider.  Becker Automotive Design will make you wonder why you need to check into the Ritz with their interiors.  Midwest Automotive Designs converts your van into a first class travel experience. Landjet is a bit more focused on the business minded, while Chalmers Automotive is perfect for those who want a little more recreation out of their vehicle.

Next time someone laughs at your van, you can sit back and smile, relax, take another swig of that cocktail, send a fax, and let the driver worry about traffic.