For today’s installment of our ESM Icon article series, we’re fortunate to interview Lou La Vie founder and automotive enthusiast, John Temerian.

We’re big fans of both John Temerian and Lou La Vie on Instagram, so we thought we would reach out to the man himself to talk about how he got to where he is today, his love of cars, his personal style and Lou La Vie’s services.

Lou La Vie or "rent the life" is a company that doesn't just rent out exotic cars - they provide a high-end concierge service for all their members.

Lou La Vie or “rent the life” is a company that doesn’t just rent out exotic cars – they provide a high-end concierge service for all their members.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with Lou La Vie, here’s a little excerpt from their website:

Lou La Vie is a privately owned corporation created to satisfy the growing demand for the rental of luxury and exotic vehicles in Miami and South Florida. John Temerian, Founder, partnered with Jan Otto, and DJ Irie, of the Miami Heat, to develop Lou La Vie after years of working within the ever-changing exotic automobile industry.

Our company goal is to offer the perfect selection of the finest exotics and luxury cars as well as premium rentals for longer term needs. Our focus is to provide individuals with the opportunity to “Rent the Life.” We offer cars from premium manufacturers and anticipate adding several new vehicles to our fleet over the next few months. Vehicles can be rented by the day, week, or month. We also offer many unique gift packages.

Unlike other car rental companies, Lou La Vie will also deliver the car to their clients wherever they may be:

Our vehicles can be delivered directly to a client wherever they might be; FBO, hotel, airport, or home. Upon delivering a vehicle, a Lou La Vie professional will provide customers with an initial vehicle operational tutorial in order to ensure a complete understanding of the cars’ features, as well as a quick test drive to ensure that the vehicle and operational understanding is satisfying. With each vehicle we deliver, our goal is to have a well-informed client in a beautiful automobile with a full tank of gas and the keys in the client’s hand.

But according to John, Lou La Vie represents and does much, much more.

It looks like you have an amazing passion for cars (exotics in particular). How did your passion start? And how did this passion ultimately turn into beginning Lou La Vie?

My passion started the day I was born.

Both my grandfather and father were amazing mechanics – my father owned the authorized Lamborghini service and sales office in Palm Beach during the 1980’s so I grew up around Lamborghini Countach’s, Ferrari F40’s and every imaginable supercar.

I swept floors, cleaned cars and did anything I could to be around his shop.

John Temerian, President of Lou La Vie has had a passion for high end exotic vehicles from a very young age.

John Temerian, President of Lou La Vie has had a passion for high end exotic vehicles from a very young age.

What were some of the challenges you experienced when you started Lou La Vie? Now that the business has been around for 4 years, what are some of the more interesting things you have experienced?

Business is conflict – sometimes you just have to accept that life, work, relationships and most importantly a “start up” is not going to be easy.

I have been faced with millions of obstacles but always tried my best to keep my faith and continue to work hard.

Based on your resume, you also worked with Spada Concept as their North American Marketing Director. What was it like working with the Spada family and what were some of the things you learned with them?

Paolo and Ercole Spada are two of the most passionate and sincere men I have met.

It was an honor to host them and the Codatronca in the United States from 2008-2009. The world economy at that the time was a mess but I hope one day we can restart this project again in North America.

At ESM, we’re all about style. What’s your personal sense of style? Being surrounded by a lot of high-end clientele and products, what would you define as someone having “good” style? Is it all about fashion or is it much more than that?

Understated luxury.

A good example is an understated, yet unique watch. I wear a Rolex Anniversary Submariner “Hulk” in all green because it is different. It is not covered in diamonds or 5 times too large, because those who know, know.

I am also a huge fan of Saint Laurent, All Saints and brands that are not exactly in your face but are great quality and cutting edge.

Let’s talk about Lou La Vie’s membership program. Walk us through the process for becoming a new member. How does it work? What is the difference between an “access fee” and “membership”? Can anyone join or are there prerequisites for membership?

No, not everyone can join.

The Lou La Vie Members Club, is an invitational membership and we really want interesting members. We invite entrepreneurs, trend setters, CEO’s, inventors, athletes, producers etc. and eventually they become part of our family.

Once you are invited, it is a points-based system which allows you to purchase blocks of points from $20,000-50,000 to be used across our entire fleet and for special events.

The Lou La Vie Showroom.  Image from

The Lou La Vie Showroom. Image from

Once someone is a member, what is the process for renting a vehicle? Based on our research, the Lou La Vie approach is much more bespoke and high-touch. Give us some examples of how the Lou La Vie team goes above and beyond for their members.

Once you are a member, we virtually become your automotive concierge.

F1 pit passes for the Austin race? Done. Lamborghini Aventador delivered to your penthouse? Done. Want to be picked up at LIV Nightclub by a security specialist at 4am? Done.

Want us to purchase a specific new car coming out in 2015? We will consider it… and most likely… Done.

Do some Lou La Vie members actually rent your cars for a month or longer? What’s the longest someone has rented a car for?

We have had a few clients take a car for 3 months or more!

You’ve got an amazing fleet of cars. Do you ever have a situation where all your cars have been rented out? Also, what if two members want the same car at the same time? Finally, are there any new cars coming in to add to the already incredible Lou La Vie collection?

Thank you!

Yes, I actually have had to cab it around Miami a few times.  Haha!

We have encountered this once or twice, and typically our members are flexible. If not? We offer them an extra day… a dinner or bottle of champagne complimentary of Lou La Vie.

As far as our fleet, coming soon vehicles are a Lamborghini Huracan, a Ferrari California T, a BMW M4, a Rolls Royce Wraith Convertible and…..

We’re also pretty impressed with your showroom. Tell us about how it was designed and all the amazing artwork within its walls. Who played a major role in the design? Did you have any objectives in mind?

Thank you!! Growing up I was obsessed with the opening scene in the movie Rain Man.

Tom Cruise accepts delivery of 4 brand new Lamborghini Countach’s and then drives back to a massive warehouse in a Ferrari 400I where his desk is amongst the cars.

I never forgot this and always told myself I wanted the same. I designed the space from the ground up and in many ways it describes my personality.

John Temerian, President of Lou La Vie has big plans for the future.

John Temerian, President of Lou La Vie has big plans for the future.

We also read you personally organize super car experiences and gatherings. Tell us about them and where they happen. Are they open to the general public or are they only for an exclusive few?

I have been producing Supercar events since 2005. I will keep you guys posted on the next event!!

Now that Lou La Vie has been around for a few years, do you have any plans for expansion to other states or countries?

NYC, LA and beyond…. : )

What does the future hold for John Temerian?

Wife, Kids, Racing and More Cars!!!!

For more information on Lou La Vie and their services, you can check out their official website at, their Facebook page at or their Instagram account at

To keep up with John Temerian, you can follow his Instagram account at


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