The Beck 356 Speedster. Image from

Is there anything cooler than a vintage Porsche speedster?  How about you driving around in one?  If this sounds good to you, check out the Beck 356 Speedster, created by Special Edition, Inc.

Much like some of the other Classic Garage entries, the Beck 356 Speedster can be purchased as a “kit” (where you build it yourself) or as a “roller” (where they build it and you just have to add the engine).

A Beck Speedster that was sold online on

Since most of us can’t afford to hunt down an original speedster and restore it to its glory, the Beck Speedster can make you feel like James Dean without having to be a successful actor to afford one.

For more information about this car, you can check them out online here.  My personal preference would be to get one with a midnight blue exterior and a whiskey dark tan interior.  As for the engine – I may not go with something so close to the original spec – probably something a little faster.

And for the price?  On a roller, you are looking at about $26 – $30k.  Then you have to find and have someone install the engine.  Once that’s all done, all you have to do is find a coastal view highway and drive.

New color for 2008: Reed Green Metallic.


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