Tom Ford.

Yesterday, I was going through some of the online videos from and saw an exclusive interview with Tom Ford regarding the experience with his new movie, style and what he feels are fashion essentials.

My interest was peaked when he discussed men’s fashion essentials because (as you already know) we have a whole fashion essentials section on our site dedicated to the most basic items a man would need in his closet.

If you’ve been following our site closely, you know that we have featured Tom Ford as an ESM Icon, so we definitely wanted to hear what he has to say (especially when it comes to fashion).

Here’s Tom’s list:

  • A good pair of jeans
  • A good pair of shoes
  • A beautiful watch
  • A perfect tuxedo
  • A good dark suit
  • A tie

He believes that you can go to almost any occassion with those very specific items.

The vintage racing jacket from Grand Prix Originals. Our first fashion essential.

Here’s our list (to date):

Purely based on the length of Tom’s list versus ours, you would probably think that our fashion essentials aren’t quite “essentials”.  I beg to differ.  Since all of the items on Tom’s list are on ours, I would like to think of his list as the abbreviated version.

If you’re interested in seeing the full interview, check it out here.


To create Essential Style for Men, mix 2 parts petrol, 1 part secret agent, 1 part rock and roll, 1 part hip-hop and a shot of tequila in a shaker with ice and vigorously shake for 20 seconds. Pour into a martini glass rimmed with explosives and have a supermodel serve for all your friends to enjoy.