Every Valentine’s day all we hear about is what men should get women for the holiday.  “Make it special” or “be romantic” or “be thoughtful” always tops the advice list.

Just to keep it real, anyone that reads ESM knows how to take care of his significant other. 

  • Flowers? Ordered them last week. 
  • Dinner reservations? We’re cooking something special at home.
  • Gift? Had that shit picked out in 2011.

But to be fair, no one ever talks about what women should get men for Valentine’s Day.  No one ever says to a woman “get something special” or “make sure you really think about your gift to him.”

For 2012, we’ve decided to even up the odds by creating our top 5 list of Valentine’s Day presents for him.

We’ve only got 2 rules:

  • It’s gotta be fast
  • It’s gotta be red

#5 Valentine’s Day Gift for Him: The Pinarello Prince

Treat your man like a prince by giving him a Pinarello Prince. Image from www.pinarello.com.

Want to give him something that says, “I love you” and “get off your fat ass and work out” at the same time?  The Pinarello Prince is the gift for you.

I mean seriously, this thing just looks badass.

Check out this 2008 review of The Pinarello Prince by Competitive Cyclist below:

#4 Valentine’s Day Gift for Him: A Ducati 1199 Panigale

Yep, this will do. One of the fastest Valentine's Day gifts EVER.

There is only one look that comes even remotely close to the way a man looks at the person he loves.

It’s the way he looks at a Ducati 1199 Panigale.

Ducati’s latest superbike for 2012 is one of their best and brightest with the latest in Italian superbike technology. 

Say “I love you” with 195hp from a 164kg (361.5lb) beast.

#3 Valentine’s Day Gift for Him: A Ferrari 599 GTO

You can't go wrong with a Ferrari 599 GTO as a Valentine's Day gift. Image from http://www.topspeed.com/cars/ferrari/2011-ferrari-599-gto-ar87921/picture357038.html.

The folks from Jalopnik.com claimed the Ferrari 599 GTO as the “fastest street-legal Ferrari ever” in April 2010.

That’s like saying you’re dating the “hottest Victoria’s Secret model.”  It makes sense, but in the grand scheme of things doesn’t matter.

You want to tell your man how much your love burns for him and you yearn to be with him for eternity?  The Ferrari 599 GTO will do the trick.

You can configure your very own Ferrari 599 GTO on Ferrari’s official website: http://www.ferrari.com/English/GT_Sport%20Cars/CurrentRange/599-GTO/Pages/599GTO-cc.aspx.

#2 Valentine’s Day Gift for Him: An Azimut Yacht

The Azimut 68. Image from http://www.azimutyachts.com.

Got the bankroll to give your man whatever the hell he wants?

Well he wants an Azimut Yacht.

And much like women’s gossip circles: the bigger, the better.

We personally prefer the Azimut S-Collection.  Anything in red will do.

#1 Valentine’s Day Gift for Him: His significant other in anything from Victoria’s Secret

Boom. Image from http://www.victoriassecret.com/valentines-day/valentines-day-gifts.

Hey, sometimes the best things aren’t the most expensive.

Pick something out from the most famous catalogues in the world and we are more than positive he’ll be happy.

Just make sure you pair it up with some Christian Louboutins

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


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