One of the friendly Fuel Run Staff. I actually wore this Panda head when we were out on Saturday night. Image by Ted7 and Fuel Run.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with the Fuel Run brand, it’s an offshoot of the goldRush Rally group for short 2-3 day road rallies.

We were fortunate enough to join their first annual Fuel Run Midnight Run to Las Vegas this past weekend and – spoiler alert – it didn’t disappoint.

Some of the amazing cars which participated in Fuel Run Midnight Run to Las Vegas. Image by Ted7 and Fuel Run.

Here’s a good analogy: it’s like taking a staycation between your summer vacations – but for automotive enthusiasts.

From what I’ve heard the organizers of Fuel Run set up these short rallies so people can experience what goldRush Rally is like on a much smaller scale.

Flossing the ESM AMG GT S with the big boy Huracans. Image by Ted7 and Fuel Run.

The Start Grid

The starting point for Fuel Run Midnight run was at CNC Motors in Ontario, California on Friday at about 6 pm.

I know what you’re thinking – if you live in Southern California you would have to leave early to get to Ontario at 6 pm because rush hour is going to be a beeeeyooooootch.

Gift bags for participants included 2 Fuel Run shirts and other swag. Image by Ted7 and Fuel Run.

And it was – it took us almost 3 hours to get to Ontario from the West Side and most of the drive was bumper to bumper traffic.

But all the beautiful cars being sold at CNC (and participating in the event) made us quickly forget the 7th stage of hell known as the 10 freeway on a Friday night.

Dude. If you love exotic cars, CNC Motors in Ontario is the place to be. Image by Ted7 and Fuel Run.

We had some time to reconnect with fellow goldRushers and meet new friends at CNC and we were all treated to an amazing Mediterranean dinner at around 7 pm.

The parking lot at CNC Motors was packed with some badass automobiles and the excitement to get on the road was palpable.

The food at CNC Motors was pretty tasty! Image by Ted7 and Fuel Run.

Exotics. Las Vegas.  What more could a gearhead ask for?

Getting to Las Vegas

As with all road rallies, the pace of driving was dependent on each individual team’s appetite for risk.

For us, we followed all the posted speed limits and drove as safe as possible (for anyone who was there and will post a note otherwise, I will stick to my story).

@PetFred’s Porsche GT3RS and Ferrari 458 Speciale at Chicago Motor Cars. Image by Ted7 and Fuel Run.

The traffic going to Las Vegas was pretty sparse since the 15 freeway was right beside CNC Motors.

It was amazing to be driving with some of the dopest cars in existence going to one of my favorite cities in the world.

First stop when we got to Las Vegas – Chicago Motor Cars.

The ESM AMG GT S parked in front of Chicago Motor Cars Las Vegas. Image by Ted7 and Fuel Run.

Chicago Motor Cars

Much like CNC Motors, Chicago Motor Cars is one of the best places to host automotive fanatics, because their showroom is filled with some of the best sports cars in the world.

They also served champagne:

Champagne! Image by Ted7 and Fuel Run.

By the time all the Fuel Run participants got to Chicago Motor Cars, the parking lot was full and it was like a spontaneous car show.

Some people were fortunate enough to know about the rally and came by to take pictures of the event.

We even got to see the latest creation from Revzani Motors in the flesh:

The latest creation from Revzani Motors. Image by Ted7 and Fuel Run.

After filling ourselves up with some drinks and food, we all headed to The Palazzo to get some rest.

The Las Vegas Strip

One of the coolest things to happen during the Las Vegas Fuel Run was when we all hit the strip at night and took over the entire road:

Fuel Run taking over the Las Vegas Strip!! Image by Ted7 and Fuel Run.

Everyone was revving their engines and turned up their stereos.  In return, tourists took photos of the car show which ensued.

Unfortunately, a few people were pulled over by the Las Vegas Police Department (hmm, I wonder why) but that’s par for the course for these road rallies.

One of our favorite cars in the Fuel Run road rally – Black & White Rental’s Mercedes-Benz G Wagon 4×4. Image by Ted7 and Fuel Run.

The Palazzo

All the Fuel Run participants were booked at The Palazzo and our cars were either parked at the Valet (another instant car show) or at a specially designated area in the parking structure.

The rooms were beautiful (and roomy) and some people went to bed to rest for the following day.

The ESM AMG GT S in the designated parking area in the Palazzo for the Fuel Run. Image by Ted7 and Fuel Run.

For the hardcore, they went out drinking for the rest of the night.  We arrived at The Palazzo at about 1:30 am and some participants stayed out until 5 in the morning and woke up to go to the track at 10 am the next day.

Pretty impressive.

We stayed up until 4 am, slept in until about 11 am and decided to just meet up with the rest of the group at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for drag racing the next day.

For those who want to drag race with a bunch of their friends, Fuel Run Las Vegas is a great option. Image by Ted7 and Fuel Run.

Las Vegas Motor Speedway

On Saturday, everyone was invited to drag race their cars at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

It was a closed event and only Fuel Run participants were going to be there, so it would give people plenty of time to make a few runs.

That stock Jaguar F-Type was pretty fast on the track! Image by Ted7 and Fuel Run.

Since we were lazy asses, we got there around 11:30 a.m. and just watched everyone make their last runs before lunch at Dream Racing.

To be honest, I also just recently picked up my car and didn’t want to be the guy who “just bought his car and got into an accident at the track the following week.”

Apparently, the license plate on this very beautiful Lamborghini Aventador costs more than the car itself! Image by Ted7 and Fuel Run.

Everyone who participated looked like they had a blast though.

Jewel at The Aria

I feel like the folks at goldRush and Fuel Run are kindred spirits because they love nice cars, Las Vegas and love to go out to clubs.

It’s almost like I met them at

The last event for the weekend was a night out at Jewel at The Aria.  It’s the newly renovated (and renamed) nightclub and the Fuel Run folks pulled out all the stops for that evening.

The participants had about 5 tables by the dance floor just for us and when we walked in the folks at Jewel had goldRush Rally and Fuel Run on all the screens in the club.

It was pretty dope.

And the pièce de résistance? They brought out a shitload of champagne on a glowing car:

So for anyone who is thinking about joining a Fuel Run in the future, you might be wondering – is it worth it?

My answer to you is: do you like hanging out with fellow minded car lovers, drag racing and partying in Las Vegas?

In my book that’s a definite hell yes.

Love nice cars? Love Las Vegas? Then Fuel Run is the event for you! Image by Ted7 and Fuel Run.

For more information on the Fuel Run, you can check out their official website at




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