Today I’m sitting in front of my computer writing about my recent experience attending the Unleash the Power Within 2017 event and I’m having a hard time putting the entire 4 day experience into words.

But I’ll give it a try.

For anyone who has been living under a rock the last two years, Netflix came out with a documentary I Am Not Your Guru. This documentary featured Tony Robbins at one of his events doing what he does best – helping people improve their lives.

To be honest, my description is an exaggerated oversimplification, so here’s a little clip from the documentary to give you a clearer picture of his life’s work:

Ever since I watched the documentary, I was hooked.

I watched every single video he had on YouTube, I listened to all the audio books I could find on iTunes and I listened to The Edge almost every morning.

Why? Because I was at a place in my life where I was looking for change and Tony Robbins came into my life at the perfect time (he would call it Grace).

In the short time I started consuming all of his books and videos (I literally couldn’t get enough) I saw incredible changes in my life – from my personal relationships, to my business, to my outlook on my personal mission.

Tony Robbins makes it easy because he’s compelling to listen to.  You can feel his sincerity and his clear goal of serving people by improving every aspect of their lives.  You get the sense that you just want to hang out with him personally on a regular basis.

As luck would have it, I experienced a phenomena he teaches in his seminars: life gave me what I asked of it.  I was checking out his website and there was a Unleash the Power Within seminar close to me in Downtown Los Angeles from March 23 to March 27 and the tickets were at a discounted price.

Seeing it as a sign, I signed up right away hoping to get to see him in person.

Unleash the Power Within

One of the big screens when you first get into the venue for Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within Event.

Unleash the Power Within is the first “seminar” (a seminar isn’t really the best way to describe the experience) someone would sign up for before they would get into any of the other Tony Robbins programs.

It’s a 4 day immersive event and the days last anywhere from 12-17 hours.

Needless to say, after having been to one myself, the entire experience is intense.  We cover a wide array of topics from personal belief systems, to neuro-associative conditioning related to implementing lasting change, to achieving personal goals, to business and career improvement, to improving your personal health.

Just going through my notebook from UPW (Unlease the Power Within), I can’t believe the amount of topics we covered during the 4 days.

It’s only my first day after the event, but I feel like all the things I’ve learned during my time at UPW is already making an incredible difference in my life.


We got to the registration an hour early and there was already a big ass line! Luckily all the staff for Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within was amazing and efficient!

Registration for the event was held the evening before the first day and the morning of the first day.

To beat the crowd, my wife and I decided to register the day before and we would be there an hour early.  We thought we were going to be sitting around waiting for registration to open up with no one else around, but we were greeted with a super long line which wrapped around the block.

Fortunately for us, the people in line were pretty cool and the staff working the event were upbeat, efficient and very easy to work with.

Bonus – we also received a free copy of Tony’s latest book Unshakeable with our goodie bag (score!).

Day 1- the Firewalk

Although we couldn’t really take pictures while we did the firewalk, I took a picture of the hot coals they used. Crazy shit!!

When you sign up for the event, the words “firewalk” are plastered all over the website and the welcome documents for UPW.

You kind of put in the back of your mind because you think “no way that is logistically possible” or “they’re probably just doing a figurative firewalk” or “fuck that shit I ain’t walking on any fucking fire.”

But you do it.

Before we get into the details of the firewalk, the rest of the day goes like this – you get into the venue and notice that it is freezing.  Apparently, Tony likes the venue to be as cold as humanly possible (we even heard a rumor he brings in his own air conditioning units from outside).  Additionally, there are a bunch of large screens behind the stage and poppin’ music playing at the same time.

As the start of the day grew closer, the music got louder and they started to overlay super trippy graphics on top of the images shown on the screen.  First thought – “are they trying to subliminally hypnotize my shit?”  And second thought – I just want to get up and move!

So maybe they were successful in subliminally hypnotizing my shit.

In any case, by the time Tony was about to hit the stage, the venue was like a full on concert/party/club atmosphere.  Dancers came out and had everyone moving with simple dance moves everyone could do but were high energy.  With the excitement peaking, Tony came out and the crowd loved it.

My wife and I after we finished the firewalk. What an amazing experience!!

He covered a ton of topics which were very familiar to me because I had listened to The Edge religiously a few months before.  But listening to the content in a hyped up atmosphere with 9,000 people took that information to an 11.  It gave an emotional and physiological impact which I can still feel today.

About 10 hours into the day, everyone probably had the same thought in their collective minds: Tony is a fucking beast. No breaks, no water, high intensity all the way through.  I almost felt embarrassed to get myself a burger from the concession stand, but I was super hungry.

At the end of the day (around 11:00 pm) Tony started to prep us for the firewalk.  Mind you, at that time we were at such a high energy state, we were ready to do anything.  He went through how to do the walk, what to think about when you did the walk and what not to do during the walk.  The whole time he had a picture of a massive raging fire with wood and coals in the background.

At that point, it didn’t matter. Everyone was ready to rock it and was in state.  I imagined myself walking through fire like a boss (like that bad guy from that one Charlie’s Angels movie):

During the entire intro, everyone was wondering how the team was going to logistically get 9,000 people to walk on fire.  Was it in the venue?  How many lines of hot blazing fires are they going to have?  Will there be paramedics on scene?

They answered the question soon enough – they had set up 30 lines of 1,200 degree burning coals about 8 minutes away and all 9,000 of us were going to walk there.

Needless to say, it was a crazy experience just walking to the firewalk area. If you saw us all coming out of the venue you would have thought it was the next zombie apocalypse because everyone was clapping and saying “yes” in a slow steady beat.

We got the the parking lot, got in line, took off our shoes and before you knew it your were at the front in the line.

I want to report, my wife and I did it like a BOSS.  You didn’t even feel the hot coals.  All you felt was the excitement of accomplishing such a crazy ass goal.

In fact a lot of people we talked to the next day said they could have done an even longer firewalk.

And that was just day 1.

Day 2

I am definitely not the same dude I was before Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within event.

For Day 2, we were told Tony wasn’t going to be there and his business partner Joseph McClendon III was going to be our speaker.  I think a lot of people felt a slight pang of disappointment until we actually got to see Mr. McClendon in action.  Much like day 1, he didn’t disappoint.

Although Joseph wasn’t as high energy as Tony, he had a lot more swag in his presentations.  As with the previous day’s sessions, we learned a lot about how we learn, our disempowering beliefs and how these beliefs control a lot of our regular lives.

Additionally, we didn’t get to miss Tony too much because we saw videos for some of the content.

We also found out why Tony wasn’t able to attend the second day – his vocal cords are so thin he needs to completely rest after talking for 12 hours straight.

Day 2 lasted for about 15 hours and we ended at about 9 p.m.  One of the more interesting things we learned this day was “rapport” and had some homework to practice what we learned.

So my wife and i decided to have a few drinks at the hotel bar and practice what we learned…

Day 3

…and drinking the night before Day 3 turned out to be a bad idea.

Since we had been going pretty hard with very little sleep for the last two days, both my wife and I had hangovers the next day even with just 1-2 drinks.

On top of that, we started the day super early (like 6 am early) because we wanted to make sure we got in line before everyone else to claim our seats.

Day 3 was the culmination of the last two days and Tony was back.  Not only did we rock for over 15 hours, we put everything we learned over the last two days to really – err – unleash the power within.

I don’t want to go into a ton of detail because I wouldn’t want to spoil it for anyone thinking about attending this event.

In short, it was fucking amazing, empowering, mind-blowing, knock your socks off, incredible, intense, spiritually stimulating, unbelievable, moving and earth shattering.

The intensity you start off with at 9 a.m stays all the way until 12 p.m. that night.  The feeling you get at the end of the day is you can handle whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want.  The world is yours for the taking and you’ve dug so deep inside your soul, you’re fucking He-Man.

Not too shabby, right?

Day 4

Day 4 was all about your health and signing up for the other events Tony has like Mastery University and Business Mastery.

To be honest, I was so pumped on day 3 I signed up for Business Mastery. Day 4 became a no brainer to sign up for Mastery University (which is essentially all his other events rolled into one package, sans Leadership Academy).

According to Tony, Mastery University makes Unleash the Power Within look like kindergarten, which made me think – What. The. Fuck?!?!

The rest of the day I found really fascinating – we went over how to achieve ultimate health for your body, we had speakers like the owner of Bulletproof Coffee talk about his new book (which we received for free) and Master Stephen Co go through a killer, killer meditation with us which blew my mind.

At the end of the day, I was convinced.  If I wanted to live up to my highest potential, how can I do that if my body wasn’t at it’s maximum state physically?  I needed to put everything at peak performance to take everything to the next level.

The 10-Day Challenge

At the end of the seminar, we all received a 10-day challenge to basically not eat like crap for 10 days.  No sugar, no animal products, no wheat, no booze or anything similar.

Just natural organic fruits and vegetables with supplements like Omega 3 & 6 oils.

Prior to UPW, I would have told the 10-day challenge to go fuck itself, but after UPW, I knew in my heart this was the way to go.  I couldn’t let this aspect of my life hold the rest back.  It just didn’t make sense.

And to be honest, with the mindset of wanting to break your shit wide open, doing the 10 day challenge is going to be easy.

What I Learned

Uh, it’s more like what didn’t I learn.

In the 4 day event, I learned more about myself, how to deal with other people, how to deal with my beliefs, how to deal with problems and stress, how to achieve my goals and how to take care of my body than any other time of my life.

The feeling I have inside of me is incredible and I believe I can do anything.

More specifically for ESM, I want to make this blog/magazine a conduit to help really improve people’s lives (on top of the cool cars, gear and articles).  I want to have my other businesses focus on giving value and making other people’s lives better.  I also want to maximize my growth in all aspects of my life and give back as much as I can.

So if you’re thinking about signing up for any Tony Robbins events, I would tell you to do it now.  You and your life deserve to have only the best and this is the way to do it.

Some Tips

Some tips I learned from the event for anyone interested in signing up:

  • Keep an eye out for deals on, I was able to get a great deal on UPW where I could get a second ticket for free.
  • From registration until the last day, get there at least 2 hours early to get through the lines quicker and get the seat you want.
  • Go all out.  You’re definitely going to get out what you put in.
  • If you have any dietary restrictions, make sure to bring snacks to eat.  The venue we were in didn’t have too many healthy options.
  • Make friends.  UPW is a pretty intense experience and you get pretty close to the people you share it with.

For more information on Tony Robbins and any of his events, you can check out their main website at


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