Album Surf 6’8″ Ledge surfboard image from

Being a surfer, I’m always looking for ways to sneak in some surf-related content into ESM from time to time.

Sure I love beautiful clothes, bad ass cars and sick motorcycles, but nothing beats getting out in the water on a beautiful day with your friends and riding waves for the entire day.

Album Surf 6’8″ Ledge surfboard image from

So when I saw these beautiful boards from Album Surf down in San Clemente, I knew I had something ESM-worthy to write about.

For me, the boards created in Album Surf transcend the typical surf culture because they’re so beautiful – you can probably just pick one up from Album, hang it on your wall as a decorative piece and people probably would never guess they’re built for high performance surfing.

One of our favorites from their collection is the 6’8″ Ledge in the matte black/polished black configuration – it’s a modern ode to old school boards surfed back in the 70’s by the likes of Gerry Lopez:

Here’s some more detail on the Ledge from Album Surf’s official website:

New age step-up. Templates from the past mixed with a modern bottom, beveled deck and responsive rails. Eye-opening paddle power. It paddles 5-7” longer than its length (a 6’2” moves like a 6’8”). Built for critical surf. Made to get in early, set your line and get piped. Finite speed control as well – can accelerate with a pump to get through a runner and jam on the brakes to find the tube. Wide point forward. Made to make barrels! We’ve had a ton of buzz around this the last year. Quiver necessity.

Album Surf 6’8″ Ledge surfboard image from

Translation: this retro-looking board is made for larger, heavier surf and is very fast.

Maybe we’d buy two of them for ourselves – one to surf and one to hang on the wall and admire all day.

For more information on Album Surf’s complete line of products, you can check out their official website at


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