Racing & Emotion’s 917 LM20 Gulf Art Ball Chair – for all the Gulf lovers out there. Image from

Let’s take an impromptu poll.

Who here loves the Gulf livery on anything and everything you can get your hands on – from your car; to your phone; to your freaking bedsheets?

Racing & Emotion’s 917 LM20 Gulf Art Ball Chair – from the rear. Image from

We know there are some crazy beyotches out there who would probably even paint their dog blue and orange just to floss that Gulf racing spirit.

For those people crazy enough to be crazy about their Gulf colors and would do anything to have it in your life, we introduce you to Racing & Emotion’s 917 LM20 GULF, er.. chair.

Inspired by the car driven by Steve FREAKING McQueen in the LeMans movie – Racing & Emotion’s 917 LM20 Gulf Art Ball Chair. Image from

Officially, Racing & Emotion calls it their “Art Ball Chair”, but it’s more like a work of art if you ask us.

According to their official website, this particular Art Ball Chair is officially under GULF License and is “inspired by the Porsche 917 from the movie Le Mans featuring Steve McQueen”.

Steve FREAKING McQueen (and it costs about 2,990 euro).

Honestly, would you really let anyone sit in it?

Neither would we.

For more information on Racing & Emotion’s official line of products, you can check them out at


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