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Here at ESM, we’re all about unique and functional design.

We’re also about saving the environment… 80% of the time.

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So what better way to satisfy both desires than to feature a beautifully designed bicycle from Estonia’s “Viks” (which means classy, gentleman like and polite, just like us… 80% of the time) by Velonia Bicycles which showcases unique design features like a no seat tube, double frame and a one-piece fork bar.

#vikslife – trailer from Velonia Bicycles on Vimeo.

As you can see from the photos, it’s an incredibly beautiful bicycle with classic, yet modern lines.

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According to Viks’ official website:

Every Viks bicycle is crafted by hand to individual order. The ride is quite sporty, but comfortable; even though there is no seat tube, the frame is very rigid and does not flex. The 30mm handlebars feel good without the grips. Viks wasn’t created to be an attention seeker, but it still turns heads everywhere you go: being ridden or simply parked outside a cafe.

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Despite not having a center seat tube, the folks at Viks are confident with the strength of the frame:

All Viks bikes are handcrafted in our Viksfactory upon your exact request and have a unique serial number. Viks is entirely made from highest quality stainless steel (30×1.0mm tubes and 1.5mm U joints are used). All the crowns, dropouts and weldments are made from the same grade of steel. The design is highly exclusive for Viks as there is no seat tube – two identically shaped tube frames run alongside the entire frame, joined at the head tube, seat tube and bottom bracket. This is why there are no issues with the strength. The fork and handlebars are all in one piece as well, making the Viks look extremely sleek and flowy from every point of view. The ride doesn’t feel any different from a “normal” bicycle as the frame doesn’t flex from missing the seat tube at all. Stainless steel is used purely for the corrosion reasons and for the option of leaving the frame unpainted and having a polished or brushed look.

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You can also be sure you can be able to buy standard parts for your new Viks’ bike:

Viks has been kept simple – bottom bracket, seatpost, wheels and headset are all in common sizes and available in most of the bike shops around the world. So there is no problem getting replacement parts or built your own dream bike on Viks frameset.

We’re not quite sure how much a new Viks’ bike is, but we’re assuming it’s not going to be cheap since every bike is built to your specification.

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Although we’re super down with the standard Viks’ bike, we’d also love to have one of the more special builds, like the Viks GT Merc, the Viks Carbon and the Viks Raw.

For Viks’ complete line of products you can check out their official website at


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