The infamous hard rock hotel

The infamous Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas

There is a reason why all of the hard partying celebs stay at the Hard Rock hotel.  Much like an aging rocker (see: Mick Jagger) it isn’t trendy and it doesn’t change over time.  It just keeps on rocking hard and living life to the fullest. 

Here are a some more reasons why this hotel has “Icon” status with ESM:

  • The women that stay there look like super smoking hot rock and roll groupies (not like secretaries from Ohio on a weekend in Vegas)
  • Their players club is called the “Rock Star” club
  • The “Pink Taco” Mexican restaurant has really good food
  • When the boys from Entourage do runs to Vegas, they stay at the Hard Rock
  • The pool

Make no mistake, the Hard Rock pool is one of the biggest draws of this hotel.  So much so, in fact, that the rates are almost double if you are facing the pool.  The people at the hotel are so hardcore about the pool wristbands that they will not give you another one for free if you lose the ones they give you at check-in.

Need more info? Check out the video below from the Player’s Network showcasing Rehab, a pool party they have every Sunday during the summer season:

So the next time you plan on going to Vegas, plan on living like a rock star and stay at the Hard Rock.  You can visit their website to get information about the hotel and make room reservations.

Rock on fellas, rock on…