The 300SL Panamericana. We really, really, really hope this thing goes into production.

The Mercedes-Benz 300SL from the 1950s is one of our favorite cars of all time, and for bloody good reason.

Not only was it the kissing cousin of the race winning, Stirling Moss piloted, 300SLR, but it was an engineering marvel with an incredibly stiff chassis, the first ever gullwing doors, and performance that put the rest of the world to shame.

Mmmmm. Soooo goooood. The 300SL Panamericana making us drool like little boys.

Fortunately for us, Arturo Alonso’s Texas-based Gullwing-America is a company that has taken to recreating the greatest Mercedes sportscar of all time with modern technology.

The look of the 300SL has changed very little; the wheels, the bumper, and the grille are the only noteworthy differences from a stylistic point of view.

If we could, we would buy two of them. The 300SL Panamericana making us spend that money.

The Panamericana 300SL will be available in a basic black, Panamericana inspired silver with blue stripes, or a second Panamericana livery of white with red stripes. The interior will be a near replica with either red leather or plaid cloth.

Mechanically, on the other hand, this is an all-new car.

Power is derived from a smooth and powerful 5.5L Mercedes V8 (or the optional 3.5L V6) and is routed through the buyer’s choice of a six-speed manual or a seven speed Speedtronic semi-automatic. 

Just to be clear, the manual is obviously the proper choice here.

To keep all of that power in-line, Gullwing-America has installed an all-new coilover H&R suspension for the Panamericana 300SL.  According to their official website, the car will “handle dramatically better” and it will help raise and lower the car with a few simple adjustments.

This silhouette is one of the prettiest ever created. We can stare at the 300SL Panamericana all day.

The SLS AMG may be cool, but this is the real motorist’s car.

Unfortunately, there’s only one catch with this stunning automobile: Gullwing-America needs to get enough orders to justify production.

Feel like a billionaire mogul from the 50's. The 300SL Panamericana taking us back and making drivers feel awesome.

Arturo Alonso already did so with a similar project involving a retro-modern Bentley, so we hope this brilliant car will see the curves of Leguna Seca some day.

Interested in helping the cause to put this beautiful car into production?  For more information about the 300 SL Gullwing Panamericana, you can check out their official site at


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