The Eagle Low Drag GT. Even the body by itself is an amazing work of art. Image from

We’re really starting to like this company.

After doing a feature on the Eagle Speedster a few weeks ago, we recently discovered the UK based company Eagle is in the process of creating some special projects beyond their typical E-Type restoration/recreations.

The one that particularly caught our interest was The Eagle Low Drag GT.

What a drag. Low drag. Eagle Low Drag GT image from

According to the article “One Cool Cat” from this month’s Robb Report:

The Low Drag GT is based on Jaguar’s E-Type Low Drag Coupe racecar prototype from 1962.  Jaguar built only one example of the vehicle – essentially a lighter and more powerful version of the E-Type – though two standard E-Type roadsters were later modified to its specs. (All three cars still exist.)

The even better detail about the Eagle version of the E-Type Low Drag GT?  It’s going to be made from modern parts and materials.

If anyone makes a comparison to a Dodge Viper, we might have to kill somebody. Eagle Low Drag GT image from

According to Eagle E-Type’s official site:

The all aluminium lightweight body was constructed for us by RS Panels, recognized worldwide as building the very best aluminium E-type bodies, incorporating our specific design criteria. This lightweight body, combined with our all aluminium high torque 4.7 litre engine, fuel injection, 5 speed transmission, and touring axle ratio, will result in devastating performance and impressive high speed touring capabilities.

Essentially invisible, all the practical solutions missing from the pure race cars have been discretely included. The shell is longer, the floors are lower, and there is vastly increased cabin space, with extra head and legroom as a result. This maximises driver and passenger comfort, the longer doors aiding access.

Other features include:

  • Specially cast magnesium wheels to accommodate suitable modern but correct looking 16″ tyres
  • Flush fitting, bonded and heated glass to front and rear
  • Air conditioning system integrated within the structure of the car to avoid adverse cabin detail changes
  • Trunk capable of carrying a sensible amount of luggage
  • Long range fuel cell
  • Aluminium 4.7 litre engine block
  • Fuel injection

I wonder what they would consider a “sensible amount of luggage”?

All we know is this – whoever gets to be the final owner of this bespoke vehicle is going to be a very lucky, lucky person.

For more information about The Eagle Low Drag GT, you can visit their official site at


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