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Raise your hand if you don’t love the original Porsche 356 Speedster.

(Insert sound of crickets here.)

Now raise your hand if you would give your left nut for a Porsche 356 Speedster, but either a) can’t afford it, b) don’t have the skills to steal it or c) don’t want to deal with the maintenance of it.

(We raised our hand for all three examples.)

Now what if we told you, you could get a car that looks like the Porsche 356 Speedster, had all the conveniences of a modern car, and could beat the shit out of the original 356 in a quarter mile.

Would you be interested?

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This is the part where we introduce you to the Stärke 357 Revolution Speedster.  It’s essentially the chassis, transmission and engine of a Porsche Boxster – with the body, wheels and everything else made to look like a 356 Speedster.

Stärke has three options and prices for their clients (prices do not include the donor car) – the CS (starting at $39,950), the RS (starting at $49,950) and the Outlaw (starting at $49,950).

Stärke CS and RS Speedster


  • Extensive, re-body conversion to exclusive Starke 357 Speedster CS body design
  • Expert installation of Speedster 357 body conversion of entire vehicle exterior
  • Custom, hand laminated composite fiberglass body panels.
  • Custom hand laminated hood, doors and rear decklid
  • Custom molded-in dual side air vent for mid-engine
  • Meticulous hand welded body panel sub frame with reinforced attachment points.
  • Meticulous body panel fitment and gap consistency
  • Expert, Class A automotive prime and finish on all body panels and interior jambs.
  • Show quality, two stage, state-of-the-art paint finish. Hand polish to mirror shine.
  • Your choice of any Porsche factory paint color or paint to sample color match


  • Custom CNC 6061 Aluminum 2-piece 18″ wheels in “wide five” factory 1957 Speedster style
  • Staggered wheel fitment with 18″ x 8″ front and 18″ x 10″ rear
  • Your choice of custom “Baby Moon” chrome hubcaps or without
  • Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires; Front 235/40ZR18, Rear 265/40ZR 18
  • Choose Custom Chrome, Black or Body Color finish to windshield surround
  • Choose Chrome, Black or Body Color for dual roll bars
  • Chrome body side molding trim
  • Chrome plated side view mirrors
  • Choose Chrome, Black or Body Color for side air vents
  • Custom front and rear bumpers with chrome inset trim
  • Choose with our without chrome bumper guards
  • Custom LED headlights
  • Custom CNC 6061 Aluminum headlight bezel surround
  • Custom CNC 6061 Aluminum from grills
  • Custom CNC chrome Speedster insignia on rear decklid and side panels
  • Custom CNC and hand painted emblems for hood and rear decklid

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  • Choose custom hand stitched seat insets in premium tanned leather in tuck and roll in your choice of colors: black, grey, ivory, tan, navy, red
  • Choose custom hand stitched accent color leather piping for seat insets and door panels
  • Or instead of leather you can choose custom made Tartan Plaid or Herringbone seat inset in 100% wool, 16 oz, upholstery grade fabric.
  • Choose custom handcrafted, matching door panel insets in premium leather or 100% wool Tartan or Herringbone.
  • Meticulous refinishing of all existing interior leather to new standard.
  • Expert installed new Porsche factory carpet in black, grey, red, navy, or tan.
  • Custom 357 Speedster embroidered Lloyds LUXE, 48 oz., premium floor mats
  • Custom 357 Speedster Chrome interior badging
  • Custom Vintage inspired shift knob in wood, black or aluminum.
  • Custom accent paint color to lower part of dash to match exterior color of car
  • Custom, hand stitched leather wrapped Porsche steering wheel
  • Custom, diamond stitched, simulated leather side panels for front and rear trunk compartments.
  • Custom stitched, front and rear carpeted trunk mats in black, grey, navy or tan


  • Custom modified convertible top to simulate vintage Speedster side window profile
  • Fully power convertible top operates at the touch of a button
  • New custom fit, German A5 fabric top with best-in-class durability
  • Choose top fabric colors in Black, Grey, Navy, Tan, Red or White
  • Custom molded glass rear window with excellent visual clarity


  • Choose from Porsche modern or vintage factory paint colors to an optional custom one of kind paint to sample color
  • Choose chrome trim standard or optional satin aluminum, graphite or black trim
  • Choose the optional customized interior with either a vintage plaid inset in the seats and door panels or choose a classic diamond stitch leather
  • Choose the color, the finish and the stitching
  • Choose an optional chopped windshield if you want the ultimate Speedster look
  • Stärke builds each individual Revolution Speedster to each individual customer

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Stärke 357 Speedster OUTLAW

  • Built on a 2006 – 2012 Porsche Boxster S donor car of your choice
  • Exclusive Starke 357 Speedster composite fiberglass body conversion
  • Custom four inch wider rear body than our standard 357 Speedster
  • Bilstein B16 Adjustable coilover suspension with adjustable lowered ride height to 50mm and aggressive to comfort settings
  • Delete of front and rear bumpers
  • “S” spec Porsche Boxster engine and chassis (donor car not included)
  • Optional R57 3.7L Porsche engine upgrade up to 400hp
  • Sport exhaust with electronic bypass valve
  • 18″ x 9″ and 11″ wide custom machined alloy wheels
  • Custom machined 357 Outlaw grill badge
  • Vintage “Recaro” inspired seat inserts with grommets
  • Custom “Speedster” inspired convertible top
  • Custom LED halo daytime running lights
  • Shadow chrome treatment on all trim
  • Vintage inspired Porsche brake handle and shift knob
  • Choose from Porsche modern or vintage factory paint colors or a custom paint to sample color
  • Can design the interior with the colors you like in either a vintage designed leather or plaid inserts
  • Full custom leather interior options are also available
  • Choose your ride height with adjustable coliover suspension
  • Included is a performance exhaust system which features electronic valving to allow you to adjust the sound of the exhaust from mild to aggressive
  • Optional custom built R57 engine upgrade with a de-stroked, large bore Porsche 3.7L pushing out 400hp with a 9,000 rpm redline

Uh, we’ll take the Outlaw please!

For more information on the Stärke 357 Revolution Speedster, you can check out their official site at


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