The 2012 TopCar tuned Porsche 991. Image from

With the advent of the 2012 Porsche 991, a lot of car customizers are going to come up with some insane upgrades.

Moving to the top of the list is TopCar, a Russian tuning company which has released these images depicting what they are going to do when they finally get their hands on one.

Since we can’t read Russian, we had to check out other blog sites to get more information about the project.  According to

Details behind the project are still being kept under wraps, but we’ve learned a few things about it, including the body, which will be built using carbon and Kevlar. In addition to that, the corresponding kit will carry new items, including new front and rear bumpers, air inlets, and a new exhaust system.

We also found out that TopCar has enlisted the services of some of the best aftermarket companies for the project, including 9ff, which will handle the powertrain tweaking, and ADV.1 Wheels, which will take care of the TopCar 911’s specially-designed wheels.

"I must break you." 2012 TopCar Porsche 991 image from

ADV.1 has also given a little more detail about the project on their blog:

TOPCAR works on drafts and design relying on high standards of motor manufacturers. Such careful approach takes time. That is why the first car will appear in March 2012.

Traditionally, all body elements will be made from carbon clothing and Kevlar. The usage of vacuum forming technologies in the production of such elements provides guarantee of perfect quality and high operational records.

An acknowledged German Company and a TOPCAR tuning scene partner – 9ff prepares the modification program of mechanical engineering assemblies of this car. The program includes higher engine performance capacity and suspension modification.

TOPCAR is now accepting orders on this future model.

Welcome to the fuuuuuutuuuuuure. Image of 2012 TopCar Porsche 991 from

We’re excited to see this bad boy in person.  Anyone have a slightly used time-maching DeLorean we can use to fast forward us into the future?

For more information, you can check out the official articles here:


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