Customized Ducati 796 Monster by Tony’s BIKE Design.

I know we literally just featured a Monster 795 from Tony’s BIKE Design in Bangkok Thailand a few days ago, but I think this 796 build is worth it.

It’s also probably because Ducati Monsters have a special place in my heart.

Based on the pictures (and since we don’t speak Thai), it looks like this particular build went through a few iterations especially with the custom exhaust in the back – because the standard Monster 796 had two exhaust pipes and Tony changed it to one pipe underneath the seat.

Customized Ducati 796 Monster by Tony’s BIKE Design.

We’re big fans of the other additions to the bike, like the standard clip-on handlebars for a cafe racer look, the custom seat, the custom paint job, the bar-end mirrors, and the see-through clutch cover.

It also looks like Tony replaced the headlight with a more classic design and the fairing with something to enhance the cleaner lines of the bike.

As always, we love the final product.

Customized Ducati 796 Monster by Tony’s BIKE Design.

At this rate, if we keep featuring build from Tony’s BIKE Design, we might have to invest in some Thai language lessons.

For more information on Tony’s BIKE Design in Bangkok, Thailand, you can check out their official Facebook pageĀ  here.


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