THE bike to measure all other bikes against. Roland Sands Design’s Glory Stomper.

Hopefully by now you’ve figured out when we say “Build of the Week” we mean “Build (we are featuring) this Week”, not something that the team at Roland Sands built this week.

This fact is especially evident with today’s feature on the Glory Stomper.

Built in 2005 for Discovery Channel’s Biker Build-Off, this particular motorcycle is one we would buy if we won the lottery and were looking to buy our first bike for our collection.  It would be the pièce de résistance of our garage and we would build a Batman-esque landing pad to display its awesomeness.

Beautiful. Glory Stomper image from

If you did a little research, a lot has been written about the Glory Stomper and the history behind the build. 

According to an article on

The Glory Stomper is named after the 1967 American International biker film, The Glory Stompers, staring Dennis Hopper. Sands said he planned the bike to be a twisted, rebellious, ruffian statement redefining what a chopper is, and that film’s title and tone set the mood. As with all of Sands’ creations, The Glory Stomper is inspired by the rich heritage of chopperdom. Steeped in this history, Sands uses it as solicitous stimulation, not for mundane mimicry. By naming the bike after a movie from the heyday of bike-exploitation films, Sands gives this chopper historical reference for his irreverent homage. It’s his disrespect of the culture he cherishes that gives his bikes their brilliant edge. Because of that, Sands’ choppers are high art that question perceptions of rebellion, freedom, sex, style, and the merchandizing of bad.

In following the bike’s Frankenstein theme of a modern Prometheus, Sands wanted Stomper to be something exceptional made from something crappy. So he started with a crashed Harley-Davidson Softail picked up at a local junkyard. Just to make sure it was properly seasoned, Sands launched it off the back of his truck upon return to Performance Machine, site of Roland Sands Designs.

The frame was completely stripped and modified, and the engine sent to famed Salt Flats bike builder Wink Eller. The crank was balanced and blueprinted, and a set of Edelbrock heads installed after they were properly ported. Valves, pistons, cylinders, camshafts, lifters, and pushrods are all S&S. An Edelbrock carb is used and the air cleaner is a custom one-off by Sands, shaped and painted to complement the fuel tank. The ignition is by Twin Tech and the exhaust was hand built by Rolland and Brett, all the way to its beehive tip. The valve and ignition covers were designed by Sands and are available in the Performance Machine Contour line of products. The Contour stuff is new for 2005 and has what Roland calls a trippy finish.

Trippy finish indeed.  We especially love the custom work on the top of the gas tank.

From the ashes of a junked Harley comes the Glory Stomper. Image from

We also reached out to our friends at Roland Sands Design to see if we can get more information on the build.  Here’s what they sent over:

If an MV Agusta Superbike and a ’03 Softail had dirty sex in a seedy motel this is their offspring.

Built for the 2005 Discovery Channel Biker Build Off vs. Arlen Ness, this machine needed to be over the top but still maintain its performance. It started life as a crashed ’03 100th Anniversary Softail and was reborn as a high performance street fighter.

The beauty is in the details. The motor covers inspired the Roland Sands Design Nostalgia Cover Line—available through your local Drag Specialties dealer. 

Front Wheel

  • 21 x 2.5 Contour Method by Performance Machine
  • 4 Piston Radial Mount Brake Caliper by Performance Machine
  • Dunlop E3

Rear Wheel

  • 18 x 8.5 Contour Method by Performance Machine
  • Custom Mount Driveside Brake Caliper by Performance Machine
  • Dunlop E3


  • Ohlins Racing Suspension


  • Chris Wood at Airtrix

Just looking at this bike you can tell there was a lot of additional custom fabrication work from the exhaust, to the gas tank, to the frame, to the… well.. you get our point.

Pretty custom swingarm and exhaust. Glory Stomper image from

You can also check out more on the Glory Stomper in the video below:

For more information on the Glory Stomper and Roland Sands Design, you can check out Roland Sands Design’s official website at

Now where did I put that lottery ticket?


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