BMW 6 series convertible with 22″ CS7 wheels from DPE Wheels. Perfection has no alternative. Image from!/DPEWHEELS.

Looking at the picture above you’d think the car would be the perfect car to cruise up the California coast on PCH after spending your entire day on the beach with a beautiful blonde named Sandy (see: Grease).

But nope – this car was built more for cruising up Japan National Route 1 to Osaka with a (just as beautiful) Asian woman on a beautiful day in Japan.

Wouldn’t have been our first pick of colors, but the color and wheel combo worked out perfectly. Image from!/DPEWHEELS.

In both cases, this Bond Shop customized BMW 6 series convertible with 22″ CS7 wheels from DPE wheels do the job just fine.

We’re also¬†pretty sure other people in both countries would be jealous of your awesomeness.

For more information about BOND Shop in Japan, you can check out this article on

For more information about DPE Wheels and their beautiful CS7’s, you can check out their official site at


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