Brixton Forged PF5 monoblock wheel on a Ferrari F12 image from

For those of us who aren’t fortunate enough to have received an allocation for the ultra-rare Ferrari J50, we’re forced to do a few things:

  • Wish we had a J50 and cry at home
  • Make enough money to buy a J50 from someone who actually can buy one
  • Set up another car which is “inspired” by the J50 design

Anyone who is down with option #3, now has a great place to start – buying these sick Brixton Forged PF5 wheels.

Brixton Forged PF5 monoblock wheel image from

We’ve actually seen this picture of a 458 Speciale on the ‘gram with the PF5 wheels on it and it is straight fire:

Brixton Forged PF5 monoblock wheel on a Ferrari 458 Speciale image from

But the wheel also looks pretty good on a Porsche GT3 RS:

Brixton Forged PF5 monoblock wheel on a Porsche GT3 RS image from

And a BMW M4:

Brixton Forged PF5 monoblock wheel on a BMW M4 image from

Here’s more information from Brixton Forged’s official website:

Milled from the highest quality, TUV rated, forged 6061-T6 Aerospace grade aluminum, the Brixton Forged 1-Piece UltraSport+ Series is the definition of lightweight track ready forged wheels. Each wheel set is tailored to be the most optimal combination of lightweight forging profiles and surface milling features. The result is a wheel set designed to increase dynamic cornering response, acceleration, and decreasing overall stopping distances.

If it was our hard-earned money, we’d do whatever it took to get these bad boys on a ‘Rari – including begging, stealing and organ donations.

For more information on Brixton Forged and their complete line of wheels, you can check them out at


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