Mobsteel & Detroit Steel Wheel Company launch from Lindsay Root on Vimeo.

We’ve been following the Detroit Steel Wheel Company for over a year now and they never fail to put together the cleanest steel wheels with some of the most classic American cars.

Because for us, a simple, clean aesthetic will trump spinning wheels every time.

Take for example this lowered LTD on Detroit Steel Wheels:

Detroit Steel Wheels image from

And this super fresh bagged classic truck on white Detroit Steel Wheels:

Detroit Steel Wheels image from

Or this black Lincoln Continental with Steelie Wheels:

Detroit Steel Wheels image from

And what about this super sick slammed vintage GMC pickup with clean white Steelies:

Detroit Steel Wheels image from

Based on Detroit Steel Wheels’ official website, pricing for Steelies start at about $254 for 18″ wheels and go up to $285 for 22’s.

Additional accessories range from $15 to $60 per wheel.

For us, if we our owned classic American car, we would get a set of Detroit Steel Wheels in a heartbeat.


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