ESM is proud to feature Shaleen K on today's Fitness Advice.

ESM is proud to feature Shaleen K on today’s Fitness Advice.

For today’s installment of Fitness Advice, we are proud to feature fitness fanatic, online coach and entrepreneur, Shaleen K.

Shaleen was born and raised in Vancouver, B.C. and now resides in Toronto.

Both her parents are natives from Fiji and her two loves are fitness and fashion, so she decided to make a career doing both.

“I absolutely am obsessed with fitness, being fit and living a healthy lifestyle.  Ever since I was a child, I saw my mom going to the gym every single day after a full day at work.  She was my biggest inspiration – as soon as I was old enough (I believe I was 15 or 16), I asked her to get me a gym membership and I went with her all the time from that point forward.  I now make it a part of my daily routine.”

From a young age, Shaleen has had a passion for fitness and healthy living.

From a young age, Shaleen has had a passion for fitness and healthy living.

From a young age, Shaleen knew she wanted to be a part of the fitness industry.

She wanted to help other people get into shape and eat healthy and feel their best, so she started online coaching clients a few years ago.  Through her website, Shaleen creates personalized training plans based on her clients needs and goals.

According to Shaleen, “I really love interacting with my clients and after seeing their progress, it makes me feel like I have done my job.”

In addition to her already busy schedule, Shaleen started an online clothing store geared towards women and a lot of the top fitness personalities in the industry have been wearing her line, such as Michelle Lewin and Paige Hathaway.

“I carry the widest selection of bandage dresses and clothing. I LOVE being involved in the fashion industry as I feel fitness and fashion go hand in hand. When you feel good about yourself, what is the one thing you want to do?? Shop for clothes of course!

Through her fitness line for women, Shaleen has been able to pursue her second passion, fashion.

Through her fitness line for women, Shaleen has been able to pursue her second passion, fashion.

Here are 3 pieces of advice for someone who is just starting out:

Give yourself 3 months.

If you can be consistent for 3 months, you have now created a new habit, a new routine and it will just be an automatic part of your life. When you do not feel motivated, think about why you started. Throw back a coffee and get it in!!

Minimum 30 minutes of gym time.

You will need those 30 minutes to build your routine, whether it is just cardio, weights, or stretching to get into that routine.

Diet, Diet, Diet!

I cannot stress enough!  You can go to the gym all day long and without a change in diet and lifestyle, you will not see any changes to your body.

Clean eating is very important, but don’t get me wrong, don’t go crazy and give yourself a couple cheat meals..  See how I said “meals”, not DAYS!

70/30 Rule is a good rule to start with, clean eating 70% of the time and 30% you can be a bit more lenient.

Here are 3 pieces of advice for those readers who are more advanced when it comes to fitness:

Keep challenging yourself.

Challenge yourself to different forms of physical activity.

Take me for example – I like to think I am very experienced in the weight room, so I started taking hot yoga core classes and for me those classes were very challenging compared to the yogies who were doing all the moves like second nature.

Never become so comfortable with just one thing. Your body will also get used to it and you will reach a plateau.

I also started seeing a lot more changes in my body combining weight training/cardio with yoga.

Use a gym partner every once in awhile.

Bringing a partner to the gym allows you to teach each other and challenge each other in more advanced training, or heavier weights.

Having a partner train with you is also amazing for motivation.

Take pictures of your progress.

Taking progress pictures is an amazing way to challenge yourself, see the areas in your body you want to improve and give yourself an extra push towards your goals.

Shaleen always notices men's shoes and watches.  She's a woman after our own heart!

Shaleen always notices men’s shoes and watches. She’s a woman after our own heart!

Finally, Shaleen waxes poetic about men’s style:

A mans style… hmmm…. I don’t know, I love so many styles on men.

I love a clean look, like GQ-ish.  A guy who knows how to dress, like a t-shirt, an awesome blazer and nice, fitted jeans.

Or just a simple fitted t-shirt, jeans and a nice scarf in winter is always nice – and no, I don’t mean skin tight.

Two essentials a girl always notices (or at least I do) are shoes and watches!

The fitness industry definitely does not affect my choices in what kind of style I like or look for in men.

I like a man who lives a healthy lifestyle, but he doesn’t have to be a gym nut – I already take care of that part.

For more information on Shaleen K, you can check out her clothing store at, her blog at, her Facebook page at and her Instagram account at


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