ESM's Style Maverick Grant Harris comes down from the mountain and gives us his 10 style commandments. Image from iStockphoto/Thinkstock.

We often get asked about style rules and what should be done and what shouldn’t.

We don’t claim to be the style police. Even if we were, we’d be the cool cop that let’s you off with a warning.

However, there are several aspects of style which should be adhered to whenever possible.  There are more than 10 but everybody likes a list, so here is ours (in no particular order):

1. Thou shalt know the difference between style and fashion

Read our first article. Then read it again.

2. Thou shalt own a gray suit

A gray suit is the Swiss army knife of your wardrobe.  It can be worn in business, casual and most formal situations, occasions, and environments.

Sorry bro. By "gray suit", Grant didn't mean "gray crushed velvet suit worn by former Color Me Badd vocalist." Image from iStockphoto/Thinkstock.

3. Thou shalt not wear square toed shoes nor tolerate those who do

Square toed shoes are an abomination to the well-dressed man. You don’t cut corners in your career, relationships or family life so you shouldn’t cut corners with your shoes.

4. Thou shalt not rent a tuxedo

Buy or stay home. Nothing is worse than showing up in a rented tux that’s too big, too old or too anything other than your own. If you don’t attend enough events which require a tuxedo you’re hanging out with the wrong people.

Yup. Rented. Image from iStockphoto/Thinkstock.

5. Thou shalt honor the three F’s – Fit, Fabric, Function

Fit is more important than fabric which is more important than function. If it doesn’t fit the fabric won’t matter. If it’s not the proper fabric the function will be lost. Fit is king.

6. Thou shalt dress for the season

Wearing flip flops, shorts and snow parka is just dumb. Just because it’s warm outside doesn’t mean winter is over. Dress appropriately for the season.

Practice the art of layering and you’ll be warm and comfortable as the temperature rise and dip.

7. Thou shalt own a navy blazer

The navy blazer is the cornerstone a man’s wardrobe. Worn aside from the gray suit it also can be dressed up and down in business and casual situations without being overpowering or overlooked.

8. Thou shalt honor thy tailor

Find one. Make friends. Ask questions. Repeat.

Contrary to the latest Cribs episode, THIS is where the magic happens. Image from Leonard Mc Lane/Digital Vision/Thinkstock.

9. Thou shalt make thine own style choices

No one else but you should make style decisions for you. Opinions and suggestions should be openly received from your tailor and those whose opinions your trust.

However, you’re the one getting dressed.

No one can or should make the final decision but you. Not your mother, girlfriend, wife, or significant other. Only you have the power to make your style decisions.

10. Thou shalt not live by these commandments alone

This list is neither comprehensive nor is it written in stone—although the original commandments were.

These “rules” are meant to guide you down a path of style but how long it takes you to get there and in the manner you decide to travel is up to you.

We just hope you travel well.

The Style Maverick

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