Cruising Facebook this morning we ran across this article by GQ for the coolest men’s loafers.

Dope for sure, but what about for those mutherfuckas like us who can’t afford $595 for fly Gucci kicks?

As much as we love reading the pages of GQ, we always hate the fact they lean towards the more expensive options.

For everyone else, we decided to create our own list of loafers which most guys can afford and still look amazing.

Check them out below:

Weillaford by Aldo ($150)

Well within our budget. Aldo’s Wiellaford cognac colored men’s loafers image from

These cognac colored loafers are perfect for casual days with jeans and a button up and can also match up your blue or gray suits at work.

We’d go “sockless” by wearing some no-show socks to impart the “I’m cool as fuck” vibe.

Studio Leather Loafers by Zara ($99.90)

The simplicity of these loafers make them extra rad. Studio Leather Loafers image from

These are hella dope because they’re very clean, simple and will rock the house with a slim fitted black suit or dark jeans.

Plus – at under a hundred bones, it’s not going to break the bank.

Dellbrook Italian Leather Loafer by Banana Republic (On Sale for $118.50)

The Dellbrook Italian leather men’s loafer from Banana Republic. Image from

If you want the classic American Penny Loafer look, these Italian leather loafers by Banana Republic is the ticket.

Wear them with a dark pair of jeans or gray pants with a solid button up and you can get your style points up by 100.

Bonus points – these shoes are currently on sale!

For those of you who can afford to spend over $350 for a pair of loafers, good for you.

For everyone else, you have some amazing options and still have some money left to go out on the weekend.


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