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For anyone who knows me, you know I have three hobbies – surfing, beach volleyball and nice cars.

On the outset, the two beach related hobbies and nice cars don’t really jive, but when you think about living in Southern California, it totally makes sense.

Where else can you hit cars and coffee in the morning and see multi-million dollar exotics and then hit the water at 9:30 am for a 2 hour surf session?

Thankfully, the folks over at Birdwell (or Birdwell Beach Britches if we’re being thorough) understand my love for both the beach and nice rides.

Birdwell Racing Jacket image from

So much so, they created a super sick racing jacket with two vertical stripes on the left side (yep, just like Steve McQueen in LeMans) you can wear when you’re driving down PCH or after a surf.

Here’s some more information from Birdwell’s official site:

For a brief moment in California during the 1960s, surf and hot-rodding were inseparable. Popular rockers like The Beach Boys and Dick Dale had ensured that the boardwalk was the only place to be — and wearing a bit of Birdwell gear meant you belonged there. Accordingly, street racers and car clubs from Newport to Pebble Beach adopted it as their own, often with their name embroidered on the front and a hand-sewn patch on the back.

The Mens Racing Jacket is our tribute to this moment, and to the classic car culture that still thrives in California to this day. Built from our ultra-durable SurfNyl like the Competition Jacket, its design calls to mind a racing suit, with a versatile band collar that wears well with any shirt and reduces flapping at high speeds. Cut and sewn by expert craftspeople in Santa Ana, California, it also features a double zipper for mid-cruise adjustments and vertical stripes, which — naturally — make it faster.

My personal favorite is the Navy one with a white and gold stripe, but all the colors are pretty badass.

Birdwell Racing Jacket image from

Here are some awesome additional features:

  • The price of $159.00 is very easy to digest (more money for car parts!).
  • You can customize the jacket with patches and custom buttons
  • The jacket has a lifetime guarantee

Our only wish?  They do one in white with Gulf stripe colors.

For more information on Birdwell’s complete line of products, you can check out their website at


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