Erwin Mateo Trinidad photo by Ian Patrict Brion.

Erwin Mateo Trinidad photo by Ian Patrict Brion.

For today’s installment of Style, we interviewed professional model and nursing practitioner Erwin Mateo Trinidad.

He’s got a penchant for style and is influenced by his multiple careers, his Filipino heritage and London, which he calls home.

Check out our interview below:

On your Instagram account, you call yourself a “Menswear Influencer” whose got a passion for modeling. Can you give us more details on your background and your career? What have been some of the challenges? What have been some of your highlights?

Nursing is my profession, but modeling is my passion.

Currently I am a registered nurse and work full-time in the hospital.

My modeling career started two years ago when my colleagues convinced me to try modeling so I did a job for Armani Exchange in London as a store model.

Since then, the doors for modeling started opening up for me and I was fortunate it all went well.

Erwin Mateo Trinidad photo by Tedz Duran.

Erwin Mateo Trinidad photo by Tedz Duran.

Being a nurse and being a model have the same denominator – it’s all about ‘caring’.

When I’m in the hospital, I take care of my patients.  The fashion world, on the other hand, leads me to take care of myself so I look presentable for the client.

Being a ‘menswear influencer‘ gives me the opportunity to inspire and motivate others to be at their best.

Additionally, it allows me to serve as a role model who builds the confidence of others, helps people look their best and ultimately changes their perspective in life.

We’re big fans of your styles and looks on your Instagram account. What are some of your favorite looks to date? Do they vary from casual to formal? Do you have a preference?

My style begins with comfort:

  • I will wear whatever suits the occasion
  • I like to dress well but in a simple way
  • I dress according to the season
  • I believe one can actually combine comfort with style at the same time
Image by Ian Patrick Brion.

Image by Ian Patrick Brion.

With regards on my favorite looks, I typically prefer casual ones because they are more comfortable and are easy to mix/match and blend different colors/materials.

ESM is all about style. If you could describe your personal style in a few sentences, what would it be?

‘Style with substance.’

My style fits any occasion without compromising comfort. Elegant without being extravagant. Striking without being loud.

Do you think your style has been influenced by living in both London and the Philippines? In what way?

I would say it is a fusion between the Philippines and Great Britain.

Image by Tedz Duran.

Image by Tedz Duran.

My philosophy for style is to adapt to where you currently are, without forgetting where you came from.

This way, you get the best style from both worlds.

For those of our readers who are also trying to develop their own style, what advice would you give them? Do you have any advice for those that are trying to develop their style on a budget?

Style comes from within and you project what is inside you.  So when you feel confident about yourself, it will always show on the outside.

Additionally, you should always find outfits that are always within your means and it us ultimately up to you on how you carry it.

Do you have favorite brands or designers? What/who are they? Do you have favorite brands or designers which can be deemed affordable for a lot of our readers?

I actually have favorite styles, not necessarily a favorite brand or designer.

When I picture outfits I envision myself wearing the clothes in my mind.  If that picture looks good, that’s where I will go.

I am blind with brands because I feel it’s not about the brands, it’s about style.

Image by Mario Labor.

Image by Mario Labor.

Has your style developed as your Instagram account has developed? If so, how has it changed?

My style evolves just as fashion changes and shifts.  I ride with these shifts and my Instagram is a reflection of these evolutions. It immortalizes these styles by capturing its essence at the moment.

Do you have any style icons? Who are they and why?

For me David Beckham is one of the best examples of a Style Icon.  He has a distinctive, authentic and endearing style which showcases his personality.

Image by R.Santos.

Image by R.Santos.

What does the future hold for Erwin Mateo Trinidad?

As a ‘Menswear Influencer’, I want to inspire people to become more confident in carrying their clothes, regardless of what outfit or brand they are wearing.

I also want to become an international brand ambassador which will showcase my native Filipino aesthetics and blend it with my sharp London-based approach to fashion.

Moreover, I want to approach my bright future with a positive outlook, a striking zest for life and a mix of fun, fashion and flavor.

To keep up with Erwin Mateo Trinidad, you can follow him on his Instagram account at and his Twitter account at


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