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Funny story from two weeks ago:

I was playing pickup beach volleyball in Santa Monica and while I was warming up/peppering, I hear a “rrrrrrriiiiiiiiippppp” when I tried to dig a ball.

Yep, my shorts had a big ass tear in it from the bottom of the leg all the way to my butt.

Luckily I was wearing underwear.

I felt bad for the people I played with because whenever I made the blocking call  they had to stare at my ripped shorts with exposed boxers.

Not quite my shining moment on the courts.

Since then, I’ve been looking for new shorts which won’t expose me to those types of… er… “incidents.”

I have been seeing the ads for the Hurley Alpha Trainer Shorts and was very interested in them primarily because they have a version in green camo.

Hurley Alpha Trainer Men’s Shorts image from

At dinner the other day, I was talking to my brother-in-law and he couldn’t stop raving about them.

He plays a lot of flag football, so he spends a lot of time in his board shorts (just like me) but had the following problems:

  • They weren’t flexible enough (see my shorts ripping story from above)
  • Most traditional board shorts don’t have pockets
  • If they do have pockets, they would tear because people trying to reach for flags (or trying to slow him down)

He said he loved the Hurley Alpha Trainers because they had a lot of flex in the fabric, were comfortable and the pockets had zippers in them, so he could close them during games.


Hurley Alpha Trainer Men’s Shorts image from

I personally love having pockets in my beach/board shorts because not only can I use them for daily use, I can carry around my wallet, phone and keys on the way to the beach, before I surf or the pool (party).

You can check out Kai Lenny and John John Florence using the Hurley Alpha Trainer on a hydrofoil surfboard below:

Now, $65 bones might be a little steep, but would you rather be cheap and play beach volleyball with ripped $15 shorts?

To purchase your own pair of Hurley Alpha Trainer Shorts, you can check out the official Nike/Hurley online store here.


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