Jort Blue Plain Tuxedo Jacket image by Suitsupply.

Jort Blue Plain Tuxedo Jacket image by Suitsupply.

It’s days like today we wish we had more formal events to attend, because we’d totally rock this Jort Blue Plain Tuxedo Jacket by our friends over at Suitsupply.

Retailing at $599, we think this bad boy is a total bargain considering how much of a rock star you’d be when you wore it.

According to Suitsupply’s official website:

One should always respect dress codes, but if the invitation reads “black tie,” you can be far more playful than pairing a black jacket with black trousers. For example, try this velvet dinner jacket from Redaelli. It’s just a touch dandier than the obligatory black, and it’s guaranteed to make a grand entrance at every party. It feels super deluxe. In royal blue.

We think you’ll look pretty slick at your holiday party (if it were black tie) or if you wore it to your New Year’s party.

You can be the dude all the ladies would be asking, “who’s the dapper mutherfucka in the dope blue jacket?” (we used a little bit of artistic license to increase the drama on that one).

For more information on Suitsupply’s entire line of formal wear, you can check out their official website here.


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