True Wetsuit image from

True Wetsuit image from

For all our bros out there who surf, you know there’s a bit of a renaissance when it comes to surf style.

It all started a few days ago when Quicksilver Japan introduced their “True Wetsuits” in conjunction with the ad agency TBWA\HAKUHODO.

Shit went viral in a few days:

From an article on

The True Wetsuit is made from jersey neoprene and a stretchy “dryflight” fabric. It looks very much like a too-tight suit made of strange material. There’s even a tie. And this isn’t like one of those joke t-shirts with a tuxedo painted on — each wetsuit costs a cool $2,500.

Additionally, the official site shows a “pen and diary” product which is featured in the video and sends out an “emergency email” to work (which we assume is an autoresponder of some sort):

True Wetsuit pen and diary image from

True Wetsuit pen and diary image from

Today, we saw the news from Nixon releasing their newest watch which was developed in conjunction with called the “Ultratide”:

According to Nixon’s official website:

Two years in the making and delivering a revolution in surf watch technology, Nixon’s Ultratide is the product of extensive research, team development and represents a state-of-the-art addition to Nixon’s industry-leading Supertide and Lodown franchises. An exclusive partnership with Surfline taps the power of their leading global surf conditions network and delivers real-time data via wireless Bluetooth® technology to the Ultratide: tide, time, wave height, swell direction, wind direction and speed, water and air temperatures.

In other words – ultra rad watch for the surfer on the go and ultra rad wetsuit for surfer who wants to surf in-between meetings.

Only problem is – won’t you be sweating balls in a neoprene wetsuit at work?

For more information on True Wetsuits, you can visit their official website at

For more information on Nixon’s latest Ultratide watch, you can check out Nixon’s official website at



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