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Bonobos. Image from Bonobos.

For anyone who follows me on Instagram (, you know I can’t sit still in one place for too long – I love to travel with my wife as much as possible whether it’s a local trip to Vegas or an international trip to somewhere in Southeast Asia.

One of the most important things I think about when I travel is how to pack as efficiently as possible.

More specifically, what items can match each other so I don’t have to sit and think too much about unique outfits:

  • What pants can I re-use for different occasions which will be the most bang for my buck regardless of whether it is a casual night at a bar or a semi-dressy night at a club?
  • What shirts can I use with the same type of utility?
  • What swimsuit can I bring which won’t tell people I just packed one swimsuit when I wear it over and over again at the beach?
  • What swimsuit can I use for both the pool and for surfing?
  • What button-ups can I bring which will be unique and comfortable at the same time?

So I went to Bonobos and did a case study of what I would pack for a 4-day trip somewhere warm, like Mexico or Miami which gave me the most use when it came to both form and function.

The Jetty Pant

The Jetty Pant from Bonobos.

I personally love the look of these pants and would do them in Chambray.

The length is a little shorter to give it that tropical style, but if you paired it with a button-up it can be used for a nice dinner out; pair it with a sports coat and you can wear it out to a club.

I would match these pants with a pair of Jack Purcells or Stan Smiths to round out the outfit.

Jetsetter Stretch Selvage Denim

Jetsetter Stretch Selvage Denim from Bonobos.

I always bring a pair of jeans with me wherever I go.

When I travel, I either wear jeans or a nice comfy pair of joggers because you never know what’s going to happen during your trip  – from delayed flights to spilling food while you’re eating at the airport.

It is for the latter instance I prefer to bring a faded pair of jeans instead of a dark color.  Sometimes you just get shit on your pants for no reason and the faded color doesn’t show the stain as much as a single color would.

Parker Short

Parker Shorts from Bonobos.

Since this is a theoretical trip going somewhere tropical, I will always pack a pair of shorts.

Inevitably you are going to go sightseeing and sometimes the weather is too hot to wear pants; shorts is definitely the way to go.

I prefer to wear a lighter color so it doesn’t absorb what could potentially be scorching, burn-the-frigging-skin-off-your-body, sun.

The Banzai E-Waist Trunk 5″

Banzai E-Waist Trunks from Bonobos.

I’m so glad wearing shorter trunks have been back in style for a few years now for the following reasons:

  • Tan lines
  • Shorts don’t snag on my knees when I play a sport like beach volleyball
  • They look dope

When it’s warm, I always pack a pair of trunks and I would definitely cop a pair with an elastic waist because I love to fucking eat food when I am on vacation (see: 72 oysters last time I was in Vancouver).

Nothing is worse than wearing a perfectly fitted pair of swimming trunks after eating an ice cream sundae, trust me.

Riviera Short Sleeve Shirt

The Riviera Short Sleeve Shirt from Bonobos.

Ever since my most recent trip to Bali, I have been crazy about loud, borderline ugly, tropical shirts.

Everyone wears them over there and I thought they were just the coolest thing – even though I knew some other people wouldn’t find them cool at all.

Oddly enough, I got a lot of compliments on the one I purchased from Potato Head.  I was honestly expecting people to laugh at me behind my back (which still may have happened).

The Riviera shirt from Bonobos is a great option which borders that fine line and I think would look great with a faded pair of jeans and flip-flops.

Casual cool, bitches. Casual cool.

Cotton Cashmere V-Neck

The Cotton Cashmere V-Neck Sweater from Bonobos.

Regardless of the forecast, I always pack at least one light sweater because you never know what the weather will bring.

And it also gets cold on the plane and airports.

With this particular cashmere v-neck sweater, I would 100% rock it in pink.  You can pair it with the jeans, the shorts, the swim trunks and the pants (above) very easily.

You’ll also let everyone know you DGAF and can wear pink like a real man.

The Summerweight Blazer

The Summerweight Blazer from Bonobos.

Packing a blazer on a trip somewhere warm is always optional, but I like to have one in my suitcase in the event a semi-formal event were to come up – like being invited to a wedding for two people you just met (hey, it’s happened).

The trick is to bring something formal enough for a dressed up event and something casual enough to rock for a night out on the town.

The Summerweight Blazer in navy plaid linen would pretty much do the trick and match everything we’ve packed so far.

The Superfine Polo

The Superfine Polo from Bonobos.

You absolutely, 100% always have to pack a polo shirt when you go somewhere tropical.

It’s the best thing to wear out when it’s hot as fucking balls outside and it’s the best thing to wear under a blazer when it’s hot as fucking balls outside.

I would do a dark blue or black so you can wear it at night and it won’t show your sweat stains during the day.

The LA Tee

The LA Tee from Bonobos.

I personally love white t-shirts, but don’t buy a ton of them because over time they look gross and when you travel, white t-shirts can get dirty easily (so you won’t be able to use them over and over again in a pinch).

Instead, when I travel I bring a light or dark grey t-shirt so I can wear them with jeans, shorts, joggers and whatever else I pack.

Yarn Spun Pocket Tee

Yarn Spun Pocket Tee from Bonobos.

I just think this shirt looks cool.  And you never know if you’re going to get invited to a boat party.

Always be prepared, my friends.  Always. Be. Prepared.

For the full line of Bonobos men’s wear you can check out their official site at


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