Tom Ford, featured on Visionaries: Inside the Creative Mind on OWN.

Tom Ford has always been someone we admired and is a source of inspiration for us here at ESM.

We love how he has pursued his career, his designs, his overall style and what he has accomplished in his lifetime.

Fortunately for us, the show Visionaries: Inside the Creative Mind on OWN does an amazing job featuring all of these things in one episode.

What we especially liked was his philosophy on style and how it can have absolutely nothing to do with how much money you make.  In his words, “the outer expression of your character is style” and he often found that people with a lot of money actually did not have a great sense of style.

We also enjoyed his philosophy on how he creates things which makes him happy instead of focusing on what other people want.  It was impressive to see how his own personal pursuit of perfection helped him achieve all of the things he has accomplished to date.

In a nutshell – the entire episode was pretty awesome to watch and we highly recommend you check it out.

Haven’t seen it yet? Here you go:

Style Forum Special from Music Guy on Vimeo.

The feature was so good, we’re probably going to be watching it over and over again whenever we need some sound advice on what to do with our lives.

For more information about Tom Ford, you can check out his official site at

For more information about the series Visionaries: Inside the Creative Mind on OWN, you can check out the official OWN site at


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