Mr. Vince Lee always knows what time it is.

Mr. Vince Lee always knows what time it is.

For today’s installment of Style, we feature blogger, stylist, singer and GQ Insider Vince Lee.

He’s got a penchant for style, a love for fashion and a passion for music.

Check out his interview below:

Tell us about yourself. You describe yourself as a fashion blogger, stylist, singer and GQ Insider. Which of these careers is your main gig? Tell us about all of your other careers and how did you get into each? Which one do you enjoy doing the most?

My name is Vince. Fashion is one of my greatest loves of my life. I have always loved it since when I was young. I remember myself always looking through fashion magazines. It is what inspires me, what gets me excited and I feel like I can express myself through fashion.

On the other hand, music is my passion. I have always loved singing as well, since young age. I sing it for fun and it is what makes me alive.

Vince Lee looking good in red.

Vince Lee looking good in red.

ESM is all about style. If you could describe your personal style in one sentence, what would it be?

I would say my style is more of a “gentleman style with an edge”.

What advice would you give readers who are also trying to develop their style? What about those who are developing their style on a budget?

My advice would be, be yourself, be different and do not be afraid of being different or taking risks.

Always try something new and different. Just go for it. As I said, fashion is one way of expressing yourself, so why be afraid to show it?

If you are on a budget, always make sure to check sale sections and you can always have fun with affordable brands such as, H&M, American Eagle, Forever 21 and so on. They always have great finds.

Vince Lee suggests you always take risks when it comes to your style.

Vince Lee suggests you always take risks when it comes to your style.

Has your style developed as your social media presence (Instagram, Facebook, etc.) has developed? If so, how has it changed?

I am not really sure if my style has developed as my social media developed; however I do believe I started working harder.

Nowadays, I do photo shoots more often and post more often.

What are some of the benefits and challenges you have experienced as a fashion blogger?

Some of the benefits are meeting new people with same interests whenever I go to fashion events and learning about new fashion brands and trends.

Challenges would be keeping up the hard work. Constantly coming up with new outfit ideas, doing photo shoots and projects and consistently posting them.

I am not complaining, it is fun and it is what I love to do, but it could get a little challenging at times.

Mr. Vince Lee always looking for ways to switch up his style.

Mr. Vince Lee always looking for ways to switch up his style.

What are some of your favorite looks right now?

Since it is chilly outside right now, I am very into layers. Coats and jackets and so on.

Do you have brands or designers you favor? For our readers who are developing their style on a budget, do you have affordable brands you can recommend?

My favorite brands and designers are Tom Ford, Hugo Boss and Balmain.

Some of the affordable brands and stores I would recommend are H&M, Zara, Jackthreads, ASOS and Cotton On.

What is your philosophy on men’s accessories? What are your favorite accessories to wear?

I think a must have accessory for any man is a watch. I just feel like it completes any man’s outfit.

And lately I am into scarves. It always adds an edge to an outfit and there are many ways you can wear a scarf – just have fun with it.

Do you have any style icons? Who are they and why?

I really look up to the bloggers Mariano Di Vaio (@MDVstyle), Adam Gallagher (@Iamgalla), Blake Scott (@blakescott_).

They are some of the reasons I started blogging.

Vince Lee's biggest icons are Mariano Di Vaio, Adam Gallagher and Blake Scott.

Vince Lee’s biggest icons are Mariano Di Vaio, Adam Gallagher and Blake Scott.

At ESM, we have a list of “Style Essentials” or pieces that every man should have in his wardrobe. Do you have your own list of style essentials? What are they?

I think every man has to have a nice suit, a perfect pair of shoes that goes with everything, a watch, a belt and a coat.

What is your definition of “style”? Is there a difference between “style” vs. “fashion”? If so what differentiates each?

Fashion is something that is always changing. There is no sustainability in fashion. What is considered in fashion today might not be in fashion tomorrow.

However, style is something that is yours and personal. It is someone’s perception of who they are.

What does the future hold for Vince Lee?

I would like to have my own fashion line one day. Something that speaks Vince Lee.

For more information and photos of Vince Lee, you can check out his Instagram account at


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