Zara’s Lightweight Floral Print Jacket ($49.90) available at Zara’s official website.

Last year, when I visited Bali, I fell in love with the printed shirts they wore because it represented the Balinese lifestyle.

In turn, I purchased a printed shirt from Potato Head and figured it would be a nice souvenir I can wear occasionally during the summer.

Fast forward to 2017 and the print/ed shirt becomes all the rage and I can wear my Bali shirts all the time.

Zara’s Landscape Print Shirt ($35.90) available at Zara’s official website.

One of my biggest concerns for the trend – is the fact it’s a super hot trend and it will go away as quickly as it showed up.

I love the print shirt but don’t want to be caught with too many in my closet and forced to give them away when I stop loving the style.

But damn, I love them.

So fuck it, let’s keep buying them for now and buy them from affordable places like Zara so the guilt level is low.

Zara’s Palm Tree Print Bowling Shirt ($35.90) available at Zara’s official website.

Spread throughout this article are some of our favorites which we hope will last past the trend and stay in your closet for a long time.


For more information on Zara’s 2017 Men’s Collection, you can check out


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