Yup - Alex from @WhatMakesMeTick knows what he is doing when it comes to style.

Yup – Alex from @WhatMakesMeTick knows what he is doing when it comes to style.

When you first see a well-thought out Instagram account, the first thing you will notice are the details, especially when it comes to men’s style.

For today’s style article, we’re featuring @whatmakesmetick – a new Instagram account whose founder has a very good eye for style, horology and the best life has to offer.

According to his account description, “It’s about the finer things in life, objects with soul – made with love, watches, shoes, sprezz, food,art… Nina, Life!”

We’re big fans; especially of the timepieces featured on his account.

Check out our interview below.

Tell us about yourself. What is your name? What do you do for a living? What do you do for fun? How did you get started with your Instagram account?

My name is Alex and I do marketing for an ultra-premium luxury brand.

For fun I love skiing or anything that has to do with the mountains, I’m also a huge movie and music fan (mostly the English rock scene).

Like we said - it's all about the details.

Like we said – it’s all about the details.

ESM is all about style. If you could describe your personal style in one sentence, what would it be?

Classic with a touch of eccentricity.

What advice would you give readers who are also trying to develop their style? What about those who are developing their style on a budget?

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, that’s the best way to find your style.

When I look at some photos of when I was younger and see how I dress I shake my head in disbelief!

As those who are on budget I would say start with the basics, buy little but of quality, in the end this will save you money!

Has your style developed as your social media presence (Instagram, Facebook, etc.) has developed? If so, how has it changed?

Not really, even though my style evolves continuously its just evolution and not revolution.

My social media presence has not changed my style but in general with all the info available, social media has definitely helped me fine tune and learn about small boutique brands.

One of the many beautiful timepieces featured on @WhatMakesMeTick's Instagram account.

One of the many beautiful timepieces featured on @WhatMakesMeTick’s Instagram account.

What are some of the benefits and challenges you have experienced as a fashion blogger?

I don’t consider myself as a fashion blogger as I mainly post photos of watches and shoes.

The benefits are having access to some amazing watches and shoes to photograph (even though most of them are actually my own).

The big challenge is I started my IG account late April 2014 so it’s to find ways for people to know me and my work.

What are some of your favorite looks right now?

I’m a huge fan of Italian sprezzatura as best imagined in Napoli.

Do you have brands or designers you favor? For our readers who are developing their style on a budget, do you have affordable brands you can recommend?

I love the Neapolitan look so I would say any from there but I love Brunello Cuccinelli, Loro Piana and recently what Berluti has done.

For pants I almost only wear Jacob Cohen or PT01.

On a budget there is Nikky Capri who have an amazing offer of fully handmade garments at a very affordable entry price and SuitSupply is also doing a good job.

Look closely at the pants. Yup, camo.

Look closely at the pants. Yup, camo.

However, today there are so many ways of getting great brands on the internet that even those on a budget can get fantastic deals.

For shoes I love what the Japanese makers do as well as a fantastic Neapolitan shoemaker: Antonio Meccariello.

What is your philosophy on men’s accessories? What are your favorite accessories to wear?

Accessories should be few and selected wisely.

I often see photos of men on the internet with bracelets, ties, lapel pins, pocket squares etc… all in one look is overkill.

Just stick to 1-2 each time.

However, my favorite (accessories) are watches and shoes (not sure we can consider these as accessories) and shoes can make or break an outfit.

Do you have any style icons? Who are they and why?

My only style icon was my father and his style was always impeccable but this is not related only to his clothes but to his manner as well.

A true gentleman in all senses.

At ESM, we have a list of “Style Essentials” or pieces that every man should have in his wardrobe. Do you have your own list of style essentials? What are they?

An essential will vary depending on personality, age, profession etc…

Some would say an essential is a blazer, a dark grey suite, white shirt, black oxford shoes etc…

I have these pieces which are called “essentials” but I never wear them. I would say each person should concentrate on what they actually wear most and suits their lifestyle – then go and buy the best they can afford.

One of Alex from @WhatMakesMeTick's favorite hobbies?  Skiing.

One of Alex from @WhatMakesMeTick’s favorite hobbies? Skiing.

What is your definition of “style”? Is there a difference between “style” vs. “fashion”? If so what differentiates each?

I would stay that style is a lifestyle, a way of being.  It’s the essence of what each individual is.

Fashion is just clothes. I think it was Coco Chanel who said “Fashion fades, only style remains the same.”

What does the future hold for you and your Instagram account?

That’s the million dollar question. 🙂

I don’t know yet. To be frank I started my IG account just for fun and it took off immediately. I wouldn’t mind using it to promote smaller brands and artisans, but we’ll see!

To keep up with Alex, a.k.a. @WhatMakesMeTick, you can follow his Instagram account at http://instagram.com/whatmakesmetick.


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