Y2 Collection’s newest boutique in Englewood New Jersey. Image from Y2 Collection.

We’ve been following Y2 Collection (@Y2Collection) and designer Amable (@iam_amable) for quite some time on Instagram and we’ve always been impressed by the clean lines and tasteful designs they’ve put together for men’s suits, tuxes and dinner jackets.

(It also helps Amable is Filipino, but that’s just a bonus for us.)

More recently, Y2 Collection has finally opened up their own boutique in Englewood, New Jersey so people can get up close and personal with their designs.

Totally digging the check pants. Image from Y2 Collection.

Based on the photos, the boutique is designed with the same care and attention to detail as the menswear themselves.

Here are some of our favorite suit designs from Y2 Collection:

Black Double Breasted Suit with Wide Peak Lapel

This black double-breasted suit will look good both in the board room or in Vegas. Image from Y2 Collection.

Gray Three-Piece Check Suit with Wide Peak Lapel

We can imagine Harvey Spectre wearing one of these bad boys. Image from Y2 Collection.

Navy Blue Three-Piece Suit with Wide Peak Lapel

All business, all the time with this 3 piece suit from Y2 Collection. Image from Y2 Collection.

And here are some of our favorite formal tux/wedding/dinner wear designs from Y2 Collection:

White Double Breasted Dinner Jacket with Shawl Lapel

We think this tux jacket is even better than the one James Bond wore in the last movie. Image from Y2 Collection.

Dinner Jacket with Wide Peak Lapel

LOVE the material design on this dinner jacket. Image from Y2 Collection.

Dinner Jacket with Custom Designed Fabric

Another money dinner jacket you can blow people away with. Image from Y2 Collection.

So if you’re in the market for a once-in-a-lifetime suit, tux or dinner jacket (especially if you’re getting married), check out Y2 Collection and their complete collection of menswear.

For more information on Y2 Collection in Englewood, New Jersey, you can check out their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/y2collection/.


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