A lot of news for brand new releases at Baselworld 2017 has been filling up our feed over the last few days.

We’ve found most of the releases to be “ok” or “interesting” or “meh”, but this latest article from aBlogtoWatch.com has us frothing at the mouth.

Why? Because not only is the Sky-Dweller being introduced at a lower price point, but they’ve got one version in white gold and steel with a black face:

The Rolex Sky-Dweller Rolesor with a black face and white gold/steel strap. Image from ablogtowatch.com.

Fuuuuuuuuuck. This watch is going to haunt me until I make more money to afford it.

What I especially like about the timepiece is the usable movement (a gentleman’s GMT) and the understated quality of the white gold and steel bracelet.

You can totally rock this timepiece with a t-shirt and jeans.  You can class it up with a nice suit.  You can be gangster as fuck with a tuxedo.

It’ll all work.

And a better accessory to this accessory would be to match it up with a black on black Porsche Carrera GT like this one from Fusion Luxury Motors.

Time to work harder folks!

For more information about the 2017 Rolex Sky-Dweller, you can check out the full article on aBlogtoWatch.com.


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