Mar 12

ESM ICON: The Killer from Faster, the movie

The Rock was pretty badass, but the Killer from Faster the movie was a better fit as an ESM Icon. Image from http://www.fasterthemovie.com/.

It’s not easy finding people that qualify for ESM Icon status.

It’s even more difficult finding obscure movie characters from Dwayne Johnson movies that fit the mold.

The most difficult?  Getting photos and details of this aforementioned obscure movie character from Faster the movie.

But our philosophy here at ESM – if it ain’t hard, it ain’t worth doing.

So why does the “Killer” from Faster the movie (played by Oliver Jackson-Cohen) get such a prestigious nod for our ESM Icon category?  For anyone that has seen the movie, you know the following details:

  • When described by other characters in the movie, they said he was “beautiful”
  • He beat yoga
  • He was a self-made millionaire
  • He had a super hot fiancee played by Maggie Grace
  • At a young age, he had a walking disability but overcame it
  • He drove a Ferrari
  • He wore nice suits
  • He was a cold-blooded contract killer that only got paid a dollar for his jobs
  • Massive, beautiful house

Forget the fact this particular character was so out of left field for the actual storyline.  Forget the fact they didn’t even give the dude a name in the movie.  And more importantly, forget the fact he was driving an older model Ferrari 360 Modena (you’d think they would have at least made it a Modena Challenge?).

The essence of awesomeness was there.  That is why this dude is our next ESM Icon.

For more information about Faster the movie, you can check out their official site at http://www.fasterthemovie.com/.  You can check out the official bio of the Killer at http://www.fasterthemovie.com/#/home/killer/.