Oct 11


Face of an angel. Body fit for sin. Leah Polcyn from Common Burn Fitness makes us want to feel the burn.

For this week’s installment of Your Weekly Fix: Style advice from a beautiful woman, we have fitness guru Leah Polcyn.

Raised in the foothills of Northern California, Leah has been obsessed with fitness since early in high school, where she was forced to lift weights to play soccer with the big girls or have her 5’4″ 110lb frame crushed.

From that moment she was hooked with a life of fitness.

Although her body would be so sore she needed to hoist herself into her truck using the “oh shit!” handle, she didn’t mind.  In fact, her love of fitness grew to the point where it made sense for her to become an avid mountain biking enthusiast and to also participate in sprint triathlons.

Remember guys: 1) Work out HARD, 2) Wear some dope gear and 3) Rock out with confidence. In the event you need help with item #1, give Leah Polcyn and Common Burn Fitness a call.

Leah now feeds her soul by teaching spin, pilates, and bootcamp.  She also currently resides in Venice, CA with her boyfriend and teaches classes throughout the Westside.

Most recently, Leah is the founder of Common Burn Fitness, a Southern California Corporate Wellness Company that develops fitness and nutrition programs for progressive companies looking to increase employee productivity and loyalty while decreasing health insurance premiums.

Leah’s burning desire is to give everyone the chance at increasing their health and self-confidence through fitness and nutrition, but knows that many people need guidance and incentives.  That’s why Common Burn gives prizes to those who reach milestones in their journey for wellness.

You can find out more about Common Burn on her Facebook or Twitter page, or get in touch with her company at www.commonburn.com.

What advice can you give a man when it comes to style?

Whatever your essence is, rock it with total confidence.

It doesn’t matter so much what you wear, but how you wear it.  A woman can pick up on that from miles away, and believe me, there is some kind of pheromone attached.

If you need a little confidence boost, go out and buy a nice pair of Sevens, a simple clean shirt, and a pair of Sperrys.

Then go workout.  Hard.

Seriously guys, you don't want to be a little soft around the abs when a beautiful woman like Leah is staring at you with this look, do you? Leah Polcyn from Common Burn Fitness helping people tighten up their ab game one client at a time.

Take a well-earned shower, get dressed in your fine new outfit (don’t forget to roll the jeans up once) and go grab a beer.  If you don’t feel like a million bucks then I don’t know what will.

Style should reflect confidence.  Confidence is a learned behavior.  Pick it up or go to bed alone.

Confidence, working-out, white t-shirt – check.  Being awesome – double check.  Lucky enough to meet a girl like Leah Polcyn on a night out?  Mmmm, maybe not.