Jan 12

THE GILROY: Moonshine, a gentleman’s cologne

Moonshine for Men. "Repeal her prohibitions" is a great tagline. Image from http://www.moonshineformen.com.

Last week the folks from EastWest Bottlers hit us up to see if we would feature one of their latest fragrances called “Moonshine” on our website.

The first thing we thought to ourselves was: “With a name like that, why wouldn’t we check it out?”

So they sent us over a small sample and from the first moment we opened the package, we found Moonshine to be surprisingly light and refreshing. 

According to their website:

MOONSHINE is a gentleman’s cologne, with woodsy notes, including black pepper, leather, tobacco, gin, and patchouli.  All of our bottles are hand filled and packed in our home office of Greensboro, NC.

For us here at ESM, we especially loved their marketing.  The “Moonshine” name is unique, the burlap sack it is packaged in is pretty sick and they have the best tagline ever: “Repeal Her Prohibitions”.

So brilliant.

Because the scent is so light and airy, our recommendation would be to use Moonshine as your “go-to”  cologne on a daily basis.

Here’s a great idea – maybe an alternative tagline should be: “Get the ladies drunk on your Moonshine.  Just make sure they’re over 21.”

No?  Fine – we’ll just stick to writing ESM articles.

For more information about Moonshine, a gentleman’s cologne and to purchase your own bottle of Moonshine cologne online (a 3.4 ounce bottle costs $72) you can check out their official website at http://www.moonshineformen.com/#!purchase.