May 12

FEATURE: World Economics

Let's talk about how to revitalize the world economy through boxing. Image from iStockphoto/Thinkstock.

The Mayweather/Cotto fight last night was a good one.

Cotto fought like a true warrior.  Mayweather bled and was brilliant defensively.  Justin Bieber could barely carry Mayweather’s belt.  Mayweather’s girlfriend was…. um… there.

This morning there are probably a flood of articles writing about the Mayweather vs. Cotto fight and subsequently hundreds of articles clamouring for the Mayweather/Pacquaio fight.

Mayweather vs. Cotto. A great fight that could lead to saving the world economy. Image from http://www.floydmayweather.com.

Although the Mayweather/Cotto fight was a unanimous decision, Pacquaio fans saw what could possibly be a weakness in Mayweathers’ defense – jabs and putting him on the ropes.  Alternatively, Manny didn’t do so well against a counterpuncher in his last fight.

But beyond all the articles and reasons the Mayweather/Pacquaio fight should happen, let me add one more reason – world economics.

So maybe you’re thinking to yourself: “What you talkin’ about, Willis?”

Let’s do some math and hear me out.

The fight itself, with ticket sales and Pay-Per-View services can easily eclipse $100 million dollars.  In addition, the gambling (legal and non-legal) can be equal to that amount, if not more.

Nike (Manny’s sponsor) is going to have to create apparel and merchandise to commemorate the event.  For fans like me, I will buy that shit by the truckloads.

Add another 10 million to the equation.

Justin Bieber and his significant other, Selena Gomez are now boxing fans.  This makes their legions of fans, boxing fans.  This has potential to add some extra loot to the world economic purse.

50 Cent.  $1,000,000.  Easily.

People consuming alcohol during and after this event.  This could triple the revenue of all bars, liquor distributors, manufacturers and retail sales.

Manny’s entourage.  They’re going to have their own trickle-down effect.

Mayweather’s lawyers. Their retainer has to go up.

The Philippines.  With zero crime rate during the fight, shop owners can manage their businesses and make more money.

The United States. All of Mayweather’s entourage is going to be spending money.  This can potentially be at clothing stores, restaurants, gentleman’s clubs

All-in-all, the amount of money that can exchange hands before, during and after the Mayweather vs. Pacquaio fight can easily total $1 billion dollars.

In one evening, one event could possibly revitalize multiple countries who are in dire need of money to circulate among their people.

ESM’s plea to both of these fighters and their promotors – please, please, please don’t do it for yourselves

Do it for the world economy.