Feb 12

RSD BUILD OF THE WEEK: Andrew Hines’ V-Rod

Andrew Hines' V-Rod customized by Roland Sands Design. Image from http://www.rolandsands.com/wp/2006/11/06/andrew-hines-v-rod/.

I either need to make a shit-ton of money, become a famous racer or start a motorcycle aftermarket company that helps me make a shit-ton of money.

Because I really, really, really, really want a V-Rod like the one RSD built for Andrew Hines.

Don’t know who Andrew Hines is? 

First off: shame on you.  Second: don’t worry I had a few question marks on who he was too, but don’t tell anyone.

Whoever did this paint job must be amazing on an etch-a-sketch. Andrew Hines V-Rod image from http://www.rolandsands.com/wp/2006/11/06/andrew-hines-v-rod/.

You may be more familiar with the team he races for.  It was started by the “legendary duo of Terry Vance and Byron Hines”. 

You know, the dudes that started Vance & Hines?

For all those motorcycle racing afficionados out there, you probably already knew Andrew Hines is a “three-time National Hot Rod Association Pro Stock Motorcycle champion.”

On a more “relevant to ESM” note, he owns this magnificent V-Rod customized by Roland Sands.  It’s amazing.

"Phat Rod" is right. Roland Sands Andrew Hines V-Rod image from http://www.rolandsands.com/wp/2006/11/06/andrew-hines-v-rod/.

Here’s a list of customization work from the folks at RSD:

  • Contrast Cut Domino Wheels/Discs & Pulley: 21 x 3.5 Front, 18 x 8.5 Rear
  • PM Phatrod Kit
  • Paint by Airtrix- Chris Wood
  • PM Handcontrols
  • PM Grips
  • Seat by Bitchin’ Seat Company
  • Progressive Suspension Shocks and Fork mods
  • Vance & Hines exhaust
  • Dunlop Tires
  • Spiegler Brake lines
  • Barnett Cables

Just don't drop it. The Vance & Hines exhaust on this RSD build for Andrew Hines looks like a cannon. Image from http://www.rolandsands.com/wp/2006/11/06/andrew-hines-v-rod/.

So is it too late to start my racing career just so I can get a bike like this?

To check out more images and information on Andrew Hines’ customized V-Rod from the folks at Roland Sands Design, you can check out their official site at http://www.rolandsands.com/wp/2006/11/06/andrew-hines-v-rod/.