Happy birthday to me! Image courtesy of Brand X Pictures/Thinkstock.

So your birthday is coming soon and you’re thinking about what to do. 

Actually, you’re kind of hoping that someone will do something special for you.  Here’s the reality – if someone does do something for you, the chances of your birthday being everything you wished for will probably be slim to none.

So what do you do to guarantee that you have a killer birthday?  It’s simple – plan it yourself.  The only person that knows exactly what you want is you

Strippers? Just a phone call away.  Vegas?  Just plan it early enough and you can get a killer deal.  Skip Barber Racing School?  Sign me up!

I pretty much learned this lesson a few years ago after being disappointed year after year whenever my birthday would roll around. 

If you’re in the same place with your birthday, it’s time to take control of it and plan it yourself.  Trust me, it will be one of the best things you ever do for yourself in your lifetime.

The additional bonus?  If your birthdays are badass, your friends will look forward to your birthday almost as much as you.


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