Max Zorin image from

Max Zorin image from

Max Zorin.

Industrialist.  Billionaire.  Genius.

Diabolically evil psychopathic antagonist to James Bond.

Double breasted tux.  Aviators with a light tint.  Female bodyguard.  Gansta.  Max Zorin image from

Double breasted tux. Aviators with a light tint. Female bodyguard. Gansta. Max Zorin image from

Here’s Max Zorin’s full bio from his Wiki page:

Zorin was born in Dresden around the end of World War II, after which Dresden became part of East Germany. He later moved to France and became a leading businessman, operating on the microchip market. However, it is revealed later in the movie that he was the product of Nazimedical experimentation during the war, in which pregnant women were injected with massive quantities of steroids in an attempt to create “super-children.” Most of the pregnancies failed. The few surviving babies grew to become extraordinarily intelligent—but also psychopathic.

After the war, Dr. Hans Glaub (alias Dr. Carl Mortner), the German scientist who conducted the experiments, was spirited away by the Soviet Union, where he continued his experiments with steroids. It is strongly implied that the young Zorin was raised by Mortner as his own father, who was one of Zorin’s closest allies in the movie, and explicitly stated that Zorin was trained by and long-affiliated with the KGB. Among other activities, Mortner organizes a doping program for Zorin’s thoroughbredrace horses, allowing Zorin to win horse races with ease by activating illegal horse steroids by means of implanted microchips; since the drugs are ‘administered’ during the race, they do not show up on blood tests taken beforehand, and the dose is so minute that they dissolve into the system before tests can be taken afterwards.

Despite Zorin’s longtime KGB affiliation, his outside activities draw attention that the KGB sees as unwelcome, and at a meeting between Zorin and KGB head General Gogol, Gogol rebukes him. Zorin responds by telling Gogol that he no longer considers himself a KGB employee.

Zorin is completely ruthless and displays a near-total lack of loyalty to his own men, as shown when he oversaw the execution of a Soviet spy who attempted to sabotage his oil well operations and when he personally massacres hundreds of his own mine workers to ensure the success of his own plans. Despite his long-standing and intimate relationship with his right hand woman May Day, he willingly sacrifices her for the sake of his plans, although this betrayal would backfire on him later on.

So yes, Max Zorin is kind of a dick, but let’s talk about why we chose him as this month’s ESM Icon:

  • He’s brilliant (unfortunately due to massive amounts of steroids given to his pregnant mother)
  • He’s rich (thanks to that new technology called “microchips”)
  • He dressed well (he wore dope double breasted suits with killer gold aviators)
  • His girlfriend was also his bodyguard (Grace Jones, yo)
  • He was played by one of our all-time favorite actors of… um… all time – Christopher Walken
  • He owned a frigging airship
  • He could have been the dude that brought down Silicon Valley

To top it all off, a Linux based operating system was named after the guy.

But really, it’s mostly because he was played by Christopher Walken, dressed well and was really, really rich.

For more information on Max Zorin, you can check out his Wikipedia page at, his IMDB page at and this awesome article on on why he was ahead of his time:



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