True mental focus. On dinner. Image courtesy of Anup Shah/Digital Vision/Thinkstock.

The only way to achieve true success is through focus and mental intensity.

This is a fact I was reminded of recently while I was training for a sport I’ve actively been trying to get better at.  For me, focus and mental intensity has been a part of my life for academics and career.  Unfortunately, it hasn’t been something I have carried over into the sports I play.  I know what it’s like to work long hours and all-nighters, but I’m not used to putting in the long hours at practice.

My situation is probably the exception to the rule.  I think there are a lot of successful people out there that carried their work ethic from sport into their career.  For anyone who has won at sports, they know how much work it took to get them there.

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard people say how much they wished to be someone successful like Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan.  Sometimes I feel like those same people think that their success has more to do with luck than with their hard work and focus.   In my opinion, anyone who has achieved the same type of success as Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan has done so primarily because of their work ethic, consistency, passion and desire to succeed.

Don’t get me wrong, there is something to be said for natural born talent and a little bit of luck.  I’m sure Kobe Bryant wouldn’t be Kobe Bryant if he didn’t have the height and natural basketball gene in his DNA, but at the same time, he wouldn’t be one of the best players in the league if he didn’t work his butt off in practice.

The same go for any industry titans.  Do you think Puff Daddy/Diddy/Sean Combs became successful from partying all day?  To acheive his type of success takes hours, months and years of hard work and dedication.  Think about it – if there was a formula for success in relation to how hard someone works and you correlated how much work you put in for your regular job versus how much you get paid, how hard do you think Sean Combs works?  I bet the dude hardly sleeps!

Usually what people see is the execution and not the work it took to get there.  To guarantee success over and over again, you need to have the same mental intensity of someone who has achieved that greatness.

Want to be the top sales guy in your office?  Check out how hard that guy works and put in the same effort.  Want to be the best basketball player in your park?  Check out how much work the pros put in to get to where they are and emulate their strategy.

Work hard, stay focused and keep that mental intensity and you will guarantee yourself success in any endeavour.


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